Colorado Avalanche Draft: Trading the First Round Pick and Ryan O’Reilly


Per, Joe Sakic has said he’ll consider trading the first-round draft pick in this year’s NHL draft, which is to take place on June 26-27th. So, let’s explore some different options for the Colorado Avalanche draft pick, and of course throw in Ryan O’Reilly in order to up the stakes of what could occur.

Now, I am an avid Avs fan like the rest of you and it kills me to see Ryno go, but perhaps — if he is used properly — the Avs could come out on top here. All Avs fans know that the team could shore up their defense and I believe that the draft is the best place to do so. There is some high-end defensive talent at the top of the draft, and the Avs could certainly acquire this talent with the help of their first pick and O’Reilly.

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I am targeting Noah Hanifin here, as he is easily the best defensive prospect in the pool. Although Zach Werenski and Ivan Provorov are not far behind, they just simply are not worth O’Reilly and the tenth pick of the draft to my estimation, especially since one or the other may still be available at the tenth pick.

Hanifin is exactly what the Avs need — he’s a bigger D-man who shoots left — and thus could hop on either one of the top two pairings, especially if the Avs sign a left-handed defenseman in free agency.

Ok, now down to the brass tacks. What do the Avs need to do in order to secure Hanifin? This obviously all depends on draft day and the varying scenarios that will take place during the first round, but I see Hanifin most likely to be picked by the Maple Leafs, even though they need a lot of help up front.

Oh, but wait a second, don’t the Avalanche have a pretty classy forward that they could deal to the Leafs? That’s right, Ryan O’Reilly would secure this pick for the Avs, along with a swap in first round picks. The Leafs would inherit the tenth overall pick, giving the fourth to the Avs.

However, is the fourth overall pick in the draft worth Ryan O’Reilly and the tenth pick with no return? Of course not, the Avs would also need to grab a prospect out of the deal, and I hear the Avs need help at right wing. Which is why I’ve come to the conclusion that if a trade were to occur between the Leafs and the Avs, it would include both picks being swapped — as already noted — and Ryan O’Reilly along with Zach Hyman. I am sure Mike Babcock and Brendan Shanahan would love O’Reilly’s tenacity and grit to bolster their lineup.

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Furthermore, Roy would love Hyman because he is a right shot with size, although he could bulk up a little bit in weight. Nonetheless, he’s had plenty of time to develop in the NCAA and could end up becoming a rather fine top-six forward, or at least a grand depth player to boot. He’ll probably need a year or two in the AHL, but could end up making the jump before that.

Here are the facts, folks. Ryan O’Reilly is demanding entirely too much money and is very unlikely to sign with the Avalanche this offseason — or at least I hope so because if we do sign him, it will be at an exorbitant price that management quite frankly can’t flirt with. Furthermore, the Avs need D-men and although there is talk of them signing a defenseman during free agency, they need more than one in order to fully cave the holes in the roster.

Ultimately, there are a bevy of options on draft day and many different things could happen when the clock starts ticking. Nonetheless, the Avalanche have a full plate with O’Reilly and must figure out what he is best suited for in the organization at this point.

I’d like to hear from the fans, what do you think Avs nation? What’s the best step to take from here? Should the Avs trade up in the draft? Should we deal “The Factor”? Or, are his attributes to the team imperative for success?

Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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