2015 NHL Draft: Top 6 Avalanche 2nd Round Picks

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#1: Filip Ahl

Position: Left Wing / Right Wing
Shoots: Left
Height/weight: 6’4″, 215 pounds
Team: HV71 (SHL)
Pro comparison: Blake Wheeler
Draft range: second round or third round, NHL.com = #9 international skaters

Filip Ahl is not someone you easily ignore, not least because he’s a behemoth of an 18-year-old. Seriously, what are they feeding this young forward up in Sweden?

That said, international skaters are often what throw the wrench in draft rankings. Ahl is ranked at #9 for international skaters, but where could that put him in the 2015 NHL Draft as a whole? Probably not even late first round, but he could go second or third round.

That said, he’s big and scouted by Elite Prospects as “a competitive winger who skates with good balance, using his large frame to establish his presence through physical play, and shields the puck exceptionally well.” Ahl also possesses the puck with all the force of his size, so he’s a value on both offense and defense.

The Colorado Avalanche have done plenty of European scouting in recent years, as evidenced by the free agent signings of Dennis Everberg and Borna Rendulic, among others. Ahl would seem to fit right into that mold.

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