Colorado Avalanche: Revisiting Early Draft Options


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In mid-April, we took a first look at who the Colorado Avalanche could potentially target in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft. Back then, there hasn’t been too much information on the Colorado Avalanche staff’s preferences. By now, we know a little bit more, though not enough to pinpoint one certain player as the Avalanche’s No. 1 target.

Furthermore, the Memorial Cup and NCAA Championship are decided, the scouting combine is history and we know a whole deal more about the draft prospects in general. We profiled many players that we think the Avalanche could target and learned a lot more about them in the process.

So, as the draft is drawing closer and closer, we are taking another look at who we had listed as Avalanche options back then and what we think about them now.

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D Zach Werenski, #9 NA skater

Zach Werenski is one of the options the Colorado Avalanche could target if they decide to go for a defenseman. Coach Patrick Roy has mentioned that he does not like picking D-men too early, but nobody really knows what that means. Is the No. 10 pick early or does early mean top-5 or something else? We do not know and we will not know until draft day; but for now, Werenski is still a very good option and my personal favorite. Still an option.

D Jeremy Roy, #21 NA skater

Jeremy Roy was another defenseman I thought the Colorado Avalanche could target at the draft. Scouts have been ranking him anywhere in the last 20 picks of the first round and there is a lot to like about him. However, there are other players that have bigger potential than Roy. Not an option.

D Ivan Provorov, #7 NA skater

Ivan Provorov is considered the top-defenseman in this year’s draft class by most scouts. While I prefer Werenski, Provorov is an option for the No. 10 pick if the Avalanche decide to go for a D-man. Still an option. 

RW Mikko Rantanen, #1 European skater

Mikko Rantanen is exactly what coach Patrick Roy wants. He’s a versatile forward that can play any position — plus, he’s 6-foot-4 tall and weighs 210 pounds. Roy wants size and Rantanen is the perfect combination of size, skill and hockey sense. Still an option.

RW Timo Meier, #10 NA skater

Timo Meier is a similar player to Rantanen in the regard that they are both big, skilled, versatile forwards. However, Rantanen has more offensive upside, while Meier is more reliable defensively and plays a more physical style. I like both players very much, but would prefer Rantanen over Meier. Still an option.

C Pavel Zacha, #8 NA skater

Pavel Zacha is the third big, skilled center on our list. According to European Colorado Avalanche fan club Eurolanche, the Avs are highly interested in him and have been in contact with his agent. While inconsistency may be an issue, according to Future Considerations scouting director Dan Stewart, the Avalanche seem to think highly of him. Still an option.

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Other options

D Oliver Kylington, #6 European skater

Perhaps the biggest question mark in the draft. Not an option.

D Brandon Carlo, #25 NA skater

An intriguing prospect, but not with the No. 10 pick. With a boatload of luck, maybe in Round 2. Not an option.

C Mathew Barzal, #11 NA skater

TSN’s Bob McKenzie says he might have battled Marner and Strome, had he been healthy. However, he’s too small for Roy’s preferences. Not an option.

C Nick Merkley, #23 NA skater

One of my favorites in the draft, but also too small. Not an option.

C Jansen Harkins, #15 NA skater

Roy would like him, but there are better players available in the top-10. Not an option.

As we can see, there are still plenty of options left, while plenty are eliminated as well. Fact is, with the No. 10 pick, you don’t really need too many options. As of now, Zacha, Rantanen and Meier are probably the favorites to become the newest members of the Colorado Avalanche. But you never know — anything can happen.

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