Colorado Avalanche: 5 Biggest Frustrations from 2014-15 Season

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Inconsistent Play

Mar 30, 2015; Denver, CO, USA; Edmonton Oilers center Anton Lander (51) prepares to shoot the puck as Colorado Avalanche defenseman Zach Redmond (22) dives to defend during the first period at Pepsi Center. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Did anyone else get sick unto death of hearing the Avalanche promise they were going to start playing a “full 60” because they had just failed to do so? Time and again it looked like they took a little vacation somewhere in the game. Then, come the final minutes they’d put on the pressure. Sometimes it worked, but sometimes… well, we all know where the Avalanche ended up.

I have listened to player and coach interviews and talked to athletes about what goes on in a game. There’s no single explanation. Landeskog pointed out several times that the Avs wanted to do better, but things just weren’t working for them. O’Reilly explained that when things aren’t going well, players focus on the outcome instead of the action, and that leads them astray.

We’ve all heard of the choking phenomenon. What happens when athletes choke is they start questioning themselves. Instead of letting their instincts take over, they start trying to think through the moves. That results in even the most accomplished of athletes reverting to a beginner status. It’s a troublesome mindset to get out of.

The Avalanche struggled with that mindset all season. Coach Roy stated before the season even started that the players would have to avoid their fear if they wanted succeed. They did, but at various times, and not soon enough to save the season