Colorado Avalanche Players as Star Wars Characters

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The Role Players

Colorado Avalanche defenseman Jan Hejda as a stormtrooper. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Stormtoopers — Jan Hejda, John Mitchell, Cody McLeod

Ok, granted, stormtroopers are bad guys. They kept the Empire in line with their tactics. However, no one can question their loyalty to their leaders, not to mention their work ethic.

Can anyone question what hard workers defenseman Jan Hejda, center John Mitchell and winger Cody McLeod are. Though only McLeod could be characterized as an enforcer, Hejda is one big trooper, and Mitchell is not afraid to throw down. They are exactly the types of players you want day in and day out grinding away for your team.

Ewok — Tyson Barrie

Ewoks are cute but fierce little warriors. They resemble teddy bears.

Defenseman Tyson Barrie is a cute but fierce little defenseman. He resembles a teddy bear. I think this comparison is actually pretty self-evident.