Colorado Avalanche Players as Star Wars Characters

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The Robots

Colorado Avalanche defenseman Nick Holden as C-3PO. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

C-3PO — Nick Holden

C-3PO is an affable but relatively ineffectual hero. He’s tall, he’s thin, he’s slightly awkward.

Defenseman Nick Holden is an affable but relatively ineffectual defenseman. He got better as the year progressed, but the first couple months were brutal for Holden — and the Avs as they tried to staunch the hemorrhage of their third defensive pairing. However, even then the tall, slightly awkward Nick Holden was hard to hate for long — off the ice anyway.

R2-D2 — Ryan O’Reilly

R2-D2 is a misunderstood robot. Of course, that’s mostly because he beeps rather than speaks. However, though he’s not one of the main heroes, his contributions to the Resistance are very important.

Center Ryan O’Reilly is a little misunderstood, largely because of his contractual disputes. That said, as a player who dominates in takeaways and is overall a great two-way forward, his contributions to the Avalanche are very important.