Colorado Avalanche Players Mourn Derek Shepherd

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Tyson Barrie (Lexie Grey)

Defenseman Tyson Barrie was lounging by a pool in Arizona. He had his sunglasses on and an impossible amount of sunscreen to protect that china-like skin. (Seriously, what is his skin care regimen?) As he huddled under his umbrella, you could tell he was trying to act tough.

He bumped his chin up when asked about the death of the beloved Dr. Shepherd. “You could tell he took one for the team.”

How so?

“Those doctors at the country hospital — they have to learn to be better. That’s how I did it.”

You have a lot of talent, T-Bear.

“Patty Roy — he game me a chance. He was tough on me, and that’s why I got better.”

What’s that have to do with Derek Shepherd?

“More Meredith — she had to be tough with those doctors so they’d get better.”

Barrie squirted a handful of sunscreen into his palm and started slathering it on. “Got to be better. Big boys out there. Big Buff, Chief Hunt, Cooke…”

Wait, Owen Hunt’s not a bad guy.

“Neither is Big Buff, really. He’s just a big boy.”

Speaking of big boys, we wonder what Condor has to say about all this.