Gabriel Landeskog Involved in Another Captain Fight


Colorado Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog is not meant to be an enforcer. He’s a power forward to be sure, a player capable of delivering big hits. However, he’s counted on more for tipping in the puck and creating offensive chances. Yet he’s participated in three fights already this season.

The most noteworthy of his fights was the captain fight against Andrew Ladd of the Winnipeg Jets. Not only were the fisticuffs stellar, the fight energized the Avs.

Well, Landeskog’s latest captain fight may not have been deliberate, but it was still noteworthy.

It all started with a little European on European action. The Swedish-born Landeskog crushed Swiss-born Roman Josi, one of the Nashville Predators’ offensive defensemen.

The hit was a clean one. Josi had just released the puck, too soon for Landeskog to stop his check. Landeskog’s shoulder hits Josi cleanly in the chest, sending the defenseman whirling to the ice. Landeksog also tumbled to the ice from the impact — it was not a goon play by any stretch of the imagination.

However, the Predators took exception to the hit. Center Paul Gaustad rushed toward Landeskog just as Josi got up, clearly unhurt. However, Predators captain Shea Weber beat him to the punch — literally.

Just as Landskog got to his feet again, Weber grabbed a hold of him and slammed him into the boards. He’d dropped the gloves before Landeskog even realizes what hit him. However, the Avs captain quickly came to himself, dropping his own gloves and going for it with Weber.

That’s a testimony to Landeskog’s courage. Gabe’s a respectable 6-foot-1, 200 pounds. Weber is Erik Johnson size at 6-foot-4, 233 pounds. Nonetheless, Landeskog held his own against the beefier player.

Weber got the first couple whacks in, of course, since he rushed Landeskog. However, Gabe’s developed quite a right hook, and he employed that several times against Weber.

The fight lasted until Weber knocked Landeskog’s helmet loose, unleashing that mane of golden hair (and also putting the player at risk of head injury, which was more likely the rationale for ending the fisticuffs.)

Shea Weber rushed Landeskog, joining a situation in which he was not actually involved. For that he got an additional two-minute instigator penalty and a 10-minute misconduct on top of the five minute major for fighting. So, 17 minutes total of penalties.

Landeskog got just the five minutes for fighting — and a yet more tough guy cred.

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