Gabriel Landeskog Develops New Shootout Move

Colorado Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog does not often get tapped for the shootout. For the Avs, the first three shooters are usually centers Matt Duchene and Nathan MacKinnon and winger Alex Tanguay. Fourth is Ryan O’Reilly.

To give you perspective, in his 3 1/2 years, Landeskog has attempted nine shootout goals, achieving three, or 1/3. By contrast, in that same amount of time Duchene has made 26 attempts and completed 13 — 1/2 of his tries.


So, Landeskog is not the go-to player for shootouts. He can be forgiven, then, for not having as much game as Duchene or MacKinnon. Those two are such old hat at shootouts that they are trend-setters. For awhile, it was all about the leg kick to psyche the goalie. Now, it’s about patience and working the stick so many times that the goalie finally bites.

In the game against the Dallas Stars, the shootout went 11 rounds. Landeskog went ninth, after defenseman Tyson Barrie and veteran fourth-liner Daniel Briere.

Landeskog starts out fine. He’s got a little Ryan O’Reilly in his technique, going far to the right. His choppy skating is reminiscent of Duchene. He has the patience down… The problem is that Duchene and MacKinnon are usually going slower. That’s why they have time to make the goalie bite.

Landeskog is going to fast. By the time goalie Kari Lehtonen bites and Landeskog can tuck the puck into the net, he has too much forward momentum. As he’s pushing the puck past the goal line, he’s essentially pushing his, well, crotch into Lehtonen’s face. He then loses his center of gravity and topples over Lehtonen, his, well, backside prominently in the air.

It’s not pretty, but it’s effective. There was a heart-attack moment when we weren’t sure if it went in — it had to go in for the Avalanche to stay in the game. In fact, the goal was under review for a short time. However, it was ruled to be a good goal.

Landeskog already has a famous goal celebration called Landeskoging:

No telling what you would call this new invention of Landeskog’s, his soon-to-be-patented shootout technique.

Lande-bowling, perhaps?


On unrelated news, Landeskog revealed during an intermission feature that he’d be open to accepting an invitation to the prom. Apparently the very handsome Colorado Avalanche captain regularly gets propositioned as a prom date.

That’s all I’ve got for that. Except perhaps he can invent a prom dance move — Lande-dancing.