Man Candy/Man Crush Monday, Christmas Edition

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Yogi Supreme/Money Bags

Man Candy: Ryan O’Reilly came into the league looking like a fresh-faced pretty boy. Add a Grizzly Adams beard and a couple hockey scars, and he’s some serious man candy now. That unruly beard and gap-tooth grin just make his blue eyes sparkle.

That said, he’s also knows for being a yogi supremo. He’s been practicing yoga for years, since he was a teenager. So, in addition to being fit, he’s one zen dude.

Man Crush: After the tense summer we had with center Ryan O’Reilly, we need to rib him a little bit, don’t you think? That whole “pay me the most on the team” (or was that Paul Stastny?). Does he play, does he go… Yeah, let’s go with money bags.

Rhino would be the kind of guy to have a beer with because, you know, people call him Rhino. Ok, the announcers get lazy and instead of enunciating “Ryan O’Reilly” they call him Rhino Reilly. Take him to that same biker bar, though, and call him Rhino — you guys would probably fit right in!