These Colorado Avalanche Goalies make up "Mount Rushmore"

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4.) David Aebischer

The fourth position on the Mount Rushmore of Colorado Avalanche goalies is likely to be highly scrutinized and discussed among Avalanche faithful as there are a few goalies who could be in this position, all for various reasons.

The fourth spot on Mount Rushmore goes to David Aebischer for a multitude of reasons. Aebischer was a sixth-round draft pick of Colorado in 1997, and the Swiss native played five seasons in Colorado. As each goalie on this list played at least five seasons with the team, tenure plays a role here.

During that tenure, Aebischer was effective. He played 174 games, winning 89 games while losing just 58 during this time. Aebischer had a career .915 save percentage, far better than at any other point in his career. He had a stellar 2.35 goals against average and added 13 shutouts as an Avalanche. He never had another shutout in his NHL career.

Aebischer had a 40.3 goals saved above average (goals prevented given his save percentage and shots faced) during his time in Colorado, and his goalie point shares were 32.6. This stat is an estimate of points contributed by a goalie due to his play in net. His numbers in each of those categories were significantly lower while on other teams.

A few key factors pushed Aebischer to Mount Rushmore ahead of others. Aebischer’s goals against average is significantly better than current Avalanche netminder Alexandar Georgiev. Aebischer also has more wins than Georgiev, albeit in a few more seasons. His goals against is nearly identical to Phillip Grubauer while playing 61 more games for the Avs. Aebischer also has 23 more wins and one more shutout than Grubauer (13 to 12).

For these reasons, Aebischer gets the nod.