These Right Wings make up "Mount Rushmore" for the Colorado Avalanche

Who are the best right wings in Colorado Avalanche history?
Edmonton Oilers v Colorado Avalanche
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2.) Adam Deadmarsh

The next two players were members of the Avalanche during their infant years, and without them, the team would not have been as successful. The first player is Adam Deadmarsh. The 6’0” 195-pound British Columbia native was drafted by the Nordiques with their first-round selection in the 1993 draft. He initially debuted with the franchise, and then moved to Colorado when the Avalanche began.

He never scored less than 18 goals for the Avalanche franchise and won a Stanley Cup in 1996. He was traded midway through the 2000-01 season or else he would have had two rings. Without his knowledge obviously, he continued to benefit the Avalanche franchise even after he was traded, as he was shipped out to bring Rob Blake into the fold. That shrewd maneuver helped the Avalanche lift their second Cup in 2000-01.

Deadmarsh was known for his physicality as well as his ability to put points on the board. He accrued over 100 penalty minutes four times in his seven seasons with the franchise and had 99 penalty minutes one other season. Each year he totaled over 100 PIMs, he also totaled 43 or more points, a rare feat in this current game.

Deadmarsh scored 33 goals one season in Colorado, his career high, and had 27 assists in 4 different seasons in Colorado. It was his scoring touch, coupled with his grit and physicality that endeared him to Avalanche fans far and wide.

For these attributes, he lands on Mount Rushmore.