Nathan MacKinnon getting snubbed by Justin Bieber is surprising

2024 Honda NHL All-Star Game
2024 Honda NHL All-Star Game / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The NHL All-Star Game for the 2023-24 season is over, but there is still something that is being talked about regarding Colorado Avalanche star Nathan MacKinnon, Pittsburgh Penguins legend Sidney Crosby, and music artist Justin Bieber. It’s a bit of a surprise, too.

Bieber posted a set of pictures from the All-Star event, for which he was a team captain. One of those pictures was of him and Crosby. On the other side of him was MacKinnon. The weird thing? Bieber cropped that specific picture so that MacKinnon’s sleeve was only in it—not a picture of the three of them.

I guess, for me, I would want to have a picture with a legend such as MacKinnon. He’s currently tied for points with Nikita Kucherov and surely could pass him tonight when the Avalanche face the New Jersey Devils.

In the set of photos, Bieber is seen alone, but also with several other players at the All-Star games. The fact that Bieber went out of his way to have that picture cropped is a pretty weird thing.

I’ll admit I’m not all up in arms about this situation, but it looks as though there are some people among Avalanche Nation who care a great deal about this. Obviously, nothing will come out of this in the end, but it would be interesting to hear what Bieber has to say about this particular situation. Why did MacKinnon get cropped out? My guess would be the Toronto Maple Leafs, as he was born in London, Ontario.

It’s going to be funny and interesting to see if Bieber is a captain during next year’s all-star games. Will he decide to keep MacKinnon in a photo? Will he take one with him individually? Stay tuned to find out a year from now, I guess.