How much does the Stanley Cup weigh?

How much does the Stanley Cup actually weigh? It’s a question often wondered.
2022 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six
2022 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The Stanley Cup is the trophy given to the winner of the final series of the NHL postseason—the NHL finals. The Colorado Avalanche have hoisted the trophy three times in their history, most recently after defeating the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2021-22.

I have often wondered how heavy the Stanley Cup weighs. I mean, how in the world can these people keep their balance while carrying it around on the ice? Well, I suppose the answer is fairly obvious: They are strong human beings who work out regularly.

Despite that, there is always a chance that a play could—ahem—accidentally drop the trophy, causing a fairly large dent in it. I’m looking at you, Nicolas Aube-Kubel. All joking aside, that was just a funny clumsy thing he did in celebration after the long playoff series. It’s not like he had to pay for the repairs. In fact, there were no repairs. The dent is forever etched into history.

How much does the Stanley Cup weigh?

These days, the Stanley Cup weighs about 34.5 pounds, or 15.6 kilograms.

That is probably not a lot to carry around by NHL players following the game, but I can imagine it being a bit heavy to some people. I don’t think that they really focus on the weight of the trophy—they are just living in the moment and are happy that all of their hard work paid off in the final game of the season.

The captain of the winning team gets to hoist the trophy first, before sharing it with his teammates. In the case of the Colorado Avalanche, it was Gabriel Landeskog. That’s the last time we saw Landeskog on the ice for an actual game, which is another story in itself.

Personally, I think that the Stanley Cup is the coolest looking trophy out there. I would love to know which championship trophy you, the readers, like most.