Do the Colorado Avalanche have a stronger roster going into 2024-25?

Amid the most important offseason the Colorado Avalanche have had in quite a while, there are mixed feelings that this roster has gotten any better. Have the right moves been made to put out a stronger roster in 2024-25?
Dallas Stars v Colorado Avalanche - Game Six
Dallas Stars v Colorado Avalanche - Game Six / Tyler Schank/Clarkson Creative/GettyImages

The Colorado Avalanche have made quite a few moves this offseason to try and refine their roster. Going into next season, there is some uncertainty as to whether or not those moves have made them better or worse than they were just a year ago.

Have they done enough to strengthen their roster to compete for the Stanley Cup in 2024-25? Let's take a look.

Key Departures

Some players who donned the burgundy and blue sweater last season are now part of a different organization. Defenseman Jack Johnson and Right Winger Brandon Duhaime were lost in free agency to the Columbus Blue Jackets and Washington Capitals, respectively. Additionally, they lost d-man Sean Walker, who had 10 goals as part of the Philadelphia Flyers and later on with the Avalanche last season, to the Carolina Hurricanes.

Let's not forget that one key part of this team hung up his skates for good this offseason but remains with the Avs organization to help bring the future to life. Andrew Cogliano retired on June 21, after 17 incredible years in the NHL. He has now shifted his focus to a front-office role with the Avalanche, and it is exciting to see what experience and expertise he brings to the future of this organization.

New Additions

This goes without saying, the Avs also picked up quite a few new pieces to help replace what they lost. Offensively, they re-signed Jonathan Drouin and Casey Mittelstadt to help keep the top six relatively intact for next season. They also signed veteran defenseman Calvin de Haan to a one-year league minimum deal.

These new additions will be everyday players for the Avs, and they will be an important part of their identity all season long. Retaining two top-six forwards from a year ago on relatively low-risk contracts is a huge deal.

Both Drouin and Mittelstadt are game changers, and what they bring on the ice cannot be easily replaced. Additionally, they are much better options to have, as opposed to the forwards that the Avs lost to free agency.

Are They Better?

So, did they do enough to make themselves a better team next season? If I was a betting man, I would argue that they did do enough to make themselves a better team, and two names will make them even better if they play next season, Gabriel Landeskog and left winger Valeri Nichushkin, are both slated to return next season. They will put the Avalanche over the hump if/when they do in fact play.

There is no reason to doubt that the Avalanche did a good job this offseason to become a much stronger team. You should expect next season to be a very successful one, as it looks right now on paper.