Colorado Avalanche Mock Draft 1.0: Planning for an uncertain future

Who could the Colorado Avalanche draft in the 2024 NHL Draft? Here is a mock draft, with goal scorers and big defensemen.
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6th round: Veeti Louhivaara, G, Finland

At this point in the NHL Draft, why not add another goaltender into the mix? Veeti Louhivaara is an 18-year-old from Finland. He’s got great size already, at 6-foot-4, 198 pounds, but definitely has some things to work on including tracking the puck, and moving from goalpost to goalpost.

Upon reading scouting reports of Louhivaara, he does a good job of puck handling and being able to track the puck, allowing for glove saves. I personally feel like that was an issue of the Colorado Avalanche last year: Not enough glove saves.

The beauty of this pick is that he can spend time in a lower league to develop.

Another positive of his, according to David Phillips of FC Hockey is that he has a calm presence about him, which is essential as an NHL goalie.

Currently, the Colorado Avalanche are pretty well set with Alexandar Georgiev and Justus Annunen. That being said, perhaps Louhivaara could turn into something good for this team later down the road.