Colorado Avalanche Mock Draft 1.0: Planning for an uncertain future

Who could the Colorado Avalanche draft in the 2024 NHL Draft? Here is a mock draft, with goal scorers and big defensemen.
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5th round: Timur Kol, D, MHL

We have reached a point in the NHL Draft where players selected could very well never play for the team that drafted them, and that’s okay. The first step in a potential NHL dream is getting your foot (skate?) in the door, and that starts with being drafted (or potentially not).

The Avalanche take another shot at a defenseman, this time Timur Kol out of Russia.

Kol is a 6-foot-3, 198 pound defenseman who has great transition skills. He is yet another player who can also play an offensive role.

The Colorado Avalanche could use another defender who has very good puck skills. Although he might never make it to the Avalanche, they could take a chance on him and see if he will ever develop into a player they deem worthy of a call up.