Breaking down comments made by Colorado Avalanche defenseman Devon Toews after loss to Chicago Blackhawks

The Colorado Avalanche fell to the Chicago Blackhawks on Tuesday night and first-line defenseman Devon Toews said some “heat of the moment” things during a postgame interview that probably will not sit well with the rest of the team.
Philadelphia Flyers v Colorado Avalanche
Philadelphia Flyers v Colorado Avalanche / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

In hockey, or in pretty much any team sport, there are going to be ups and downs. For the Colorado Avalanche on Tuesday night against the Chicago Blackhawks, their 3-2 loss is one of the downs that has occurred this season. The Avalanche did fall flat against a team they should beat in Chicago, but it created one of their star players to say some things that don’t sit well with virtually anybody. That player was Devon Toews.

Again, I understand frustration. Players and coaches are allowed to show frustration during and after losses. Losing sucks. Nobody wants to lose, especially to a team they feel they should have handled very well. You’re talking about a top team in the league in Colorado going up against the worst team in the entire NHL in Chicago. It certainly was a frustrating loss, I will give them that.

You just cannot go out there after the game and say these sorts of things. Toews should have said something else that would have been more effective. Calling out his teammates for thinking certain guys are playing better than they actually are is just a real terrible look on Toews’ part. This is the sort of thing that I feel could damage some chemistry.

Now, we do not know who exactly Toews is referring to, but if you have access to game replays, I am sure there are probably some things you can tell he would be referring to. Miles Wood had a game misconduct called against him, which was a very unfortunate thing. That might be part of Toews’ frustrations. It can’t be all of the frustrations, though.

NHL seasons are long. The Colorado Avalanche are still in contention for the top spot in the conference. While the team is 4-5-1 in their last 10 games, it’s not like they are out of any sort of playoff talk. These comments by Toews should not have been said, in my opinion. They felt to me like a loser mentality. They felt like something someone on the bottom of the division would say. The fact that they were said by someone on a winning team is saying something.

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