Breaking down which Round 2 opponent the Colorado Avalanche hope for

Dallas Stars v Colorado Avalanche
Dallas Stars v Colorado Avalanche / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

In the second round of the 2023-24 NHL Playoffs, the Colorado Avalanche will square up against either the Dallas Stars or the Vegas Golden Knights. Thankfully, the series between the two teams is headed into a seventh game. That helps the Avalanche in two similar ways.

First of all, the beginning of the second round will likely begin on Tuesday. The Avalanche finished off the Winnipeg Jets on April 28. While it has been forever since the team has played, it is much-needed rest for the D3 (third place in the division) team.

During their Stanley Cup run in 2021-22, the Colorado Avalanche won the Cup in 20 games.

So, who is the ideal team for the Colorado Avalanche to face in round 2?

The Avalanche won 3-of-4 matchups against the Stars during the regular season—their only loss coming in their last meetup, when Colorado lost 7-4. The Stars put out goaltender Jake Oettinger in all but one of the matchups in the span. In the lone game the Stars won, the Avalanche still put up four goals. Dallas unfortunately put up seven.

In six games, the Stars have two players who have recorded three goals each (Jason Robertson and Wyatt Johnston). During the span, the Stars have only put up more than three goals once.

Colorado went 1-2 against the Vegas Golden Knights during the regular season, including a game in which they gave up seven goals while scoring none. In their other loss, they scored three but gave up four.

The series between the Stars and Golden Knights is tied 3-3, with Game 7 set to happen Sunday evening. We will finally know which of the two teams the Colorado Avalanche will be facing in Round 2.

On one hand, it is worrisome that both of these teams have been able to stay in the game in each of the matchups against each other. Four goals have been scored twice by one team in this series. The big question I have is whether or not the Colorado Avalanche will be able to hold either the Golden Knights or the Stars to less than that.

If they can accomplish this, I like their chances. With how both the Stars and Golden Knights are playing, I don’t think the Avalanche can win four straight. I think that it will be a tough task no matter who they are going to go up against.

I think that Alexandar Georgiev has done extremely well this playoff stretch. Can he continue his dominance? I am currently eating crow because of him.

I’m obviously excited to see who steps up the most in the upcoming series. I would love to see some under the radar players step up, such as Joel Kiviranta.

Now I ask you, Avalanche fans, who do you want the team to face in Round 2?