2024 NHL Draft: Complete first-round draft order

What is the entire order of the first round of the 2024 NHL Draft? Where do the Colorado Avalanche pick this year?
2023 Upper Deck NHL Draft - Round One
2023 Upper Deck NHL Draft - Round One / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The 2024 NHL Draft takes place this week on June 28-29 at Sphere in Las Vegas, NV. Following the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs, things just roll right along. There's hardly an offseason for fans, which, personally, I think is great.

We have known since the draft lottery the order of non-playoff teams, but we had to wait a little bit longer for teams such as the Colorado Avalanche to find out exactly where they will be drafting in the first round. That pick is pick 24.

That is, if they hold onto that pick, which they may or may not. That's one of the discussion of the offseason.

Something I find interesting is that eight first round draft picks were traded already. With the Avalanche's cap situation the way it is, I'm not sure they trade that pick this year anymore, especially now that they re-signed Casey Mittelstadt to a three-year contract.

The Avalanche have some solid options in their prospect pool that I'm looking forward to seeing play in the next several years, but we all know that sometimes things don't work out the way we think they will.

That being said, here's the whole first round of the 2024 NHL Draft, with the Sharks up first.

1. San Jose Sharks
2. Chicago Blackhawks
3. Anaheim Ducks
4. Columbus Blue Jackets
5. Montreal Canadiens
6. Utah
7. Ottawa Senators
8. Seattle Kraken
9. Calgary Flames
10. New Jersey Devils
11. Buffalo Sabres
12. Philadelphia Flyers
13. Minnesota Wild
14. San Jose Sharks (from Pittsburgh Penguins)
15. Detroit Red Wings
16. St. Louis Blues
17. Washington Capitals
18. Chicago Blackhawks (from New York Islanders)
19. Vegas Golden Knights
20. New York Islanders (from Tampa Bay Lightning via Chicago Blackhawks)
21. Los Angeles Kings
22. Nashville Predators
23. Toronto Maple Leafs
24. Colorado Avalanche
25. Ottawa Senators (from Boston Bruins via Detroit Red Wings)
26. Montreal Canadiens (from Winnipeg Jets)
27. Carolina Hurricanes
28. Calgary Flames (from Vancouver Canucks)
31. Anaheim Ducks (from EDM)
32. Philadelphia Flyers (from FLA)