Are the Colorado Avalanche here to stay?

Wednesday night was really exciting. It’s been quite a while since I felt this good about a win by the Colorado Avalanche.

It seems that Coach Bednar and the Avs players managed to get on the right track after a couple of bad late performances. But, we all thought the same after that great win the Avalanche pulled off against the Devils, just to find ourselves brought back down from Cloud 9 by the hideous Kraken. God knows I hate those guys.

No half measures

The Colorado Avalanche just beat the Anaheim Ducks by an outstanding score of 8-2. A victory at home by such a wide margin should definitely be a reason to look brightly into the future, but, the Avs have been quite inconsistent this season.

Don’t get me wrong, we all know this team has huge talent all around and man by man, but the tale of this season seems to be all about kill or be killed, there’s no middle point. Either the Avs roll over their competitors, or they are absolutely smashed on the ice. We have seen this week in and week out, and despite having 20 points so far and sitting in 2nd place in the division, you just can’t find a fan that is really happy and confident in the team’s performance.

Is there a silver lining for the Colorado Avalanche?

The answer here is, yes, of course there is! Throughout the season the team has shown their true potential, performing as a Championship-caliber team in all phases and stages of the game, so the secret to success here lies in finding consistency. On Wednesday night, the team showed that not only that the starters and 2nd line are great, but also the rest of the substitutions; the Avalanche showed depth and that is very important when it comes to the discussion of fighting for a Championship, especially in such an injury prone sport as hockey is.

Perhaps, the only position that concerns yours truly is the goalie. With Pavel Francouz out for the year, I think the Avs should keep a shortlist of goalies available for trade, especially considering that Alexandar Georgiev, and mostly Ivan Prosvetov, have proven to be inconsistent. Georgie had a very good game on Wednesday, but the truth is that the Ducks are not a serious contender to the Title, not even playoffs, so let’s not get carried away on that note. Saturday will bring a true test to Georgiev when the Avs face the Stars looking to take over the lead in the division.

I hope the Avalanche come to Dallas in full kill mode engaged, otherwise, we’re in for yet another hard hit, this one with serious playoff implications.

The betting slip

Well, it seems that we on the betting side have been just as irregular as the Avs have been on the ice.

But still moving towards positive numbers now, as of this moment, betting options for the game versus Dallas Stars are not open yet, so we will revisit this part briefly on Saturday morning guys!

Go Avs!