What happens in Vegas…Right, Colorado Avalanche?

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” Or, at least that is what the entertainment and gambling culture have drilled into our minds through the past few decades ever since the blooming of that desert oasis that is the Sin City of Las Vegas, NV. Now, more than ever, the Colorado Avalanche need for this to happen. After their disastrous trip to the desert, it is important to keep a goldfish mindset and quickly turn the page on the past events of the match against the Knights on 11/4.

It is not just about the score—which was a total scandal, but the performance, the team seemed off and distracted, a lot of errors and misjudgment, which led to providing the Knights with a ton of opportunities to roll over the Avs like a Zamboni.

Nobody was at their top game—not even close to a decent performance, actually; Alexandar Georgiev allowed seven goals over 34 total shots on goal.. which is roughly a 20 percent success rate for the Knights (that’s a whole lot of goals). On the other hand, the Avs recorded 41 shots on goal and produced zero goals.

Ok, then… what now?

Well, as stated before, the memory and ghosts of this game have to stay in Vegas, for the team to regroup and muster all of their quality and strength to keep on and recover the good performances that lead to victories.

There are, of course, some positive parts to build upon. The Avs managed to shoot on goal 41 times against the defending champions—the Vegas Golden Knights’ average number of shots against per game this season is 30.3, so, producing 10+ shots over that amount reveals that the team has an excellent offensive production. It’s just a matter of getting the puck inside the net.

I am sure that Coach Bednar will build upon the strengths and identify the mistakes and distractions that led to this defeat; it is a game that could be lost. It could even be considered that way in the season planning, but to repeat the same errors could jeopardize the Avs season when it comes to playing lesser-level teams that could otherwise produce an upset.

The next challenge for the Colorado Avalanche will come from a visit of the NJ Devils to Ball Arena. This seems as the perfect chance to get back on track against a team that is not in their best form and usually concedes several goals.

The betting slip

My move regarding sports bets for the upcoming Devils @ Avalanche match is the following:

— Colorado Avalanche ML (-165)

— Over 5.5 goals (-180)

— Nathan MacKinnon to score more than 1.5 points

Let’s hope the Avs bring back the firepower!

* Odds adjusted to Bet365 markets.

I’ll meet you at the bank to cash out!