Were Colorado Avalanche right to let Kadri walk?

Nazem Kadri spent three seasons with the Colorado Avalanche, winning a Stanley Cup in 2021-22 with the club. That following offseason, Kadri decided to sign as a free agent with the Calgary Flames. Oftentimes, players leave in free agency after they win a championship. Football, hockey, it’s the same story. Typically.

In 2021-22, the Flames won the Western Pacific division by winning 50 games and getting to the second round of the playoffs. In 2022-23, Calgary ended up in fifth place by winning 38 games.

Meanwhile, the Colorado Avalanche found a way to get into the playoffs but were beaten in the first round by the Seattle Kraken. Colorado was decimated by injuries last season, which really hurt them, and while some people hate that as an excuse, it’s just a fact. Had they been healthy, they probably would have gotten further.

Well, the Avalanche are 5-1 through six games this season while the Flames are 2-5-1 through eight games. It appears that the Flames are continuing their losing ways.

Kadri wanted more money than the Colorado Avalanche wanted to pay him. I absolutely do not blame him for wanting to make more money. That’s what happens in sports a lot of the time. He just won a championship. He’s in his 30s.  Why not go out and see how much money you can get while you’re still able to play?

The Avalanche knew what was going to happen with Gabriel Landeskog when Kadri left. Kadri signed with the Flames less than a week after news broke that Landeskog would miss the entire 2022-23 season. That’s a crushing fact right there. However, look where both parties are right now.

The Avalanche are in a great place with the likes of Miles Wood, Ryan Johansen, Ross Colton, and Tomas Tatar. They sit atop the league and while they’ve given up plenty of goals, they’re still one of the best teams in the NHL right now. You can’t say that about the Flames.