Colorado Avalanche Observes Hockey Fights Cancer Initiative

The Colorado Avalanche made street art at UCHealth Center to commemorate the Hockey Fights Cancer Initiative.

The Colorado Avalanche are naturally not playing despite the fact that it’s November. Nonetheless, November is traditionally the time NHL teams observe the Hockey Fights Cancer initiative. The purpose of the initiative is to raise awareness.

The NHL and NHL Players’ Association said the following of the timing:

“The NHL and NHLPA understand that cancer has no offseason and that many of those living with cancer have faced more adversity during the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the unprecedented timing of this offseason, the NHL and NHLPA are undeterred by the absence of hockey and remain steadfast in their commitment to support Hockey Fights Cancer (HFC).”

They promise to host HFC fundraisers when the 2020-21 season commences. Now, in Novemebr, the NHL and NHLPA plan to highlight the challenges cancer poses especially within the hockey community. The Avalanche are especially highlighting the plight of Axl Quincey, some of former Avs defenseman Kyle Quincey. The boy is battling Ependymona, a rare tumor on the brain or spinal cord.

Despite the restrictions because of the pandemic, the team took to the literal streets to promote the initiative:

Artists made a chalk art mural at UCHealth.

Making chalk art murals in the Colorado winter is a little challenging. As you can see, the artists were well bundled up. The weather has been between the 30s to the 50s. And there has been some snow, which could naturally decrease the lifespan of the chalk art mural.

Nonetheless, the artists worked hard and made a very attractive mural:

As you can see, even Bernie got in on the action.

Normally the team wears the purple jersey during warmups as a commemoration. They then auction off the jerseys with the proceeds going to different cancer-based charities and research. Likewise, they honor people who have battled cancer. Survivors are even invited to ring a bell as a sign that they’ve beaten cancer.

Last year was especially special. They invited players who’ve fought cancer to join the team on the ice. It must have been such a special moment for them. I was at that game. I usually go to HFC nights to show support.

No telling when the Colorado Avalanche will get to host their actual Hockey Fights Cancer night. The season is still slated to start on January 1, 2021. However, COVID numbers are rising, and no telling what the future brings.

Nonetheless, the team is doing what it can to make the hockey world as normal as possible, including hosting HFC activities in the usual time slot, November.