Colorado Avalanche: MacKinnon’s Gloves Tease Nordiques Jersey Rumour

The Colorado Avalanche moved from Quebec 25 years ago. A photo from Nathan MacKinnon hints the Avs could finally give a nod to their old city.

I really love the Quebec Nordiques. They were a sharp identity, they played in a great place (Quebec City is absolutely beautiful), and they, against their will, gave us the Avalanche.

The Avalanche have never officially honoured their north of the border past. Back in 2002, the Avs played a pre-season game against the former rival Montreal Canadiens at the old Colisée, and the three former Nordiques, Joe Sakic, Peter Forsberg, and Adam Foote, took the ice wearing their old jerseys. Other than that, except for every Icethetics submission, a Quebec jersey has never happened.

But things change. A lot.

We got it hinted a while ago. And yesterday, Nathan MacKinnon posted a photo on his Instagram story, specifically of Nordique-coloured blue gloves:

Holy shit.

Is it finally happening?


The Avalanche celebrate their 25th anniversary in Denver this season, and like the 10th and 20th seasons, they’re sure to have a 25th anniversary logo on their jerseys. Normally, they would probably include ceremonies with former players, and videos on the jumbotron, but both the pandemic and the fact that they’ve done it multiple times already.

25 is huge. And the NHL has a fourth jersey program coming in. It’s a great time to finally honour their past.

As with the Whalers set, the Nordiques is an easy transition to the Adizero style. It’s popular, it will sell well, and the Avs would look great in them.

Of course, wearing your former incarnation for one night doesn’t sit well with everyone.

The Carolina Hurricanes throwing Whalers night a few years back wasn’t as exciting for Hartford-area fans. In fact, many were angry having their team brought back from the dead to cash in. The Washington Nationals had the same problem a while back, when their Expos night, complete with poutine, didn’t sit well with Montreal fans.

It’s a tricky spot, especially since, unlike Hartford, Quebec City is in the running for a NHL team. There’s already been the awkwardness of a very, very blurry line which history the Winnipeg Jets belong to.


Of course, there’s the chance those are a different set of gloves.

Namely, from the Avalanche’s 2020 Stadium Series set:

Some have noted the gloves MacKinnon posted are lighter than the ones from last February, which doesn’t explain the “new colors” post. Of course, it could mean the Avs are bringing their Stadium Series as fourth jerseys, but with everything that we know, there’s a good chance it could be something more.

I hope so.

I really hope so.