Colorado Avalanche: Mascots for the No Umm Challenge

Colorado Avalanche players try to talk about NHL mascots without saying “umm” — with varying levels of success. And patience.

The Colorado Avalanche social media team crushed it on Media Day. It feels like 100 years ago, but when the players first reported to training camp, the social team took over.

If I’m not mistaken, the social team released no fewer than 44 tweets filled with content that day. And they’ve been riding the high ever since.

One of the new features this year is the “No Umm Challenge.” The social team gives the players a topic, and they must talk about it for 20-30 seconds without using the conversation filler “um” or its shorter brother “uh.”

That’s challenging. The social media team gave the players very mundane topics. It’s not like they had to talk about the new systems or how to toe drag. Rather, they had to discuss mundane matters such as toothpaste and shoes.

This particular topic was at least a little more interesting. The Avalanche players had to discuss NHL mascots without the conversation filler.

The players only mentioned two mascots. It should come as no surprise that they discussed our own mascot, Bernie. It should also come as no surprise that they discussed that demon child from Philadelphia, Gritty.

I don’t know if I could talk about Gritty without having to pause. I like that weirdo, but… please.

The three participants this time around are JT Compher, Joonas Donskoi, and Nikita Zadorov.

Compher doesn’t crush these challenges. Not only does he indulge in the conversation filler, but he argues with the social team when they call him out. But that just makes for more entertaining content.

Indeed, he declares: “It’s like when Coach tells you you played bad, but you played gooood.”

At least he does declare that the Avalanche have the best mascot. Compher is appreciative of Bernie’s energy and excitement.

Donskoi tries to take a more diplomatic approach. He declares that the NHL has a “lot of great mascots.” He likes them all because “They’re great for kids.”

Have you seen Gritty? He punched a kid. I’m not saying the kid didn’t deserve it, I’m just saying Gritty did it.

Zadorov tells us that we have a mascot, Bernie. Apparently his young daughter loves him — because he actually is a mascot appropriate for kids. Indeed, Gritty, on the other hand, isn’t even appropriate for Big Z the Destroyer:

“I think the Philadelphia Flyers has an ugly mascot. Ever! What’s his name? Gritty. The first time I saw him I couldn’t sleep the whole night. He was in my nightmares. I think the league should do something about that and get him out of the league, please.”

Wow. Big Z is afraid of one thing and one thing only — Gritty.

Here’s the video:

Joonas Donskoi loves mascots.

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I can’t wait until the social media team has access to the players again and we get more hilarious content like this.