Colorado Avalanche Forward Tyson Jost Training for Season Resumption

DENVER, CO - SEPTEMBER 24: Tyson Jost /

Colorado Avalanche forward Tyson Jost talks about his hockey hiatus training and the season resumption.

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The Colorado Avalanche have passed the two-month mark of the hockey hiatus brought on when the NHL put the season on pause. Stay-at-home orders are starting to relax, so people are moving around a little more freely while still following social distancing guidelines.

One such person in Tyson Jost. He’s been kind enough to be one of the more active players in reaching out to the fans via video interviews. To date he’s appeared on a BarDown segment, Happy Hour with Kyle Keefe, and now Sports Social.

Today on Sports Social he talked a little bit about what he’s doing to get ready for the season resumption. And the first thing he did was return to his summer training home, Vancouver.

Jost has mentioned in the past that he trains in Vancouver because more NHLers train there. It’s not so far from his home in St. Albert, a suburb of Edmonton. He spent the first six weeks there in self-isolation with his mom, according to his interview. He also rollerbladed every day to visit his grandparents.

He did what he could with training there. The rollerblading was part of the routine. He also mentioned in his BarDown interview that he’s doing some “ab exercises.”

It sounds like he’s ramping it up in Vancouver. He drove out there with a hockey friend he’s had from childhood. They met out there Dante Fabbro of the Nashville Predators.

According to Jost, he’s treating the situation like his summer training program. He and his hockey training buddies get up early. They work out for a couple hours then focus on cardio. They’ve even managed to get in some ice time at a private rink.

Tyson added:

"“It’s easy to stay in shape right now — I’ve got those two knuckleheads to keep me motivated.”"

An extra motivation is that if the season resumes, the Colorado Avalanche will return to play. No matter what scenario the NHL uses — and it’s looking more likely non-playoff or non-bubble teams are done for the year — the Avs already have their ticket to the dance.

Props to Marc Moser for asking an in-depth question — he specifically asked if there’s any fear related to the resumption of hockey. However, Jost gives some insight into how the team feels:

"“I could speak for the whole team right now. We’re all getting ready and getting geared up to play playoff hockey.”"

He echoed what Erik Johnson said, which is that all players should and are training hard in expectation for the resumption of hockey. “We’re ready to bounce back whenever the season can resume,” Jost said.

Now, Moser and Jost did touch on something I’ve lamented on. Jost was just getting his NHL legs when the season got put on pause. Because of injuries, he was seeing more ice time in more important roles. And he was living up to expectations.

The season pause couldn’t have come at a more inopportune time for Jost. He acknowledges that in the interview:

"“I was really disappointed when the season got shut down just because I was really finding my groove and I thought I was playing the best hockey of my NHL career so far.”"

Like I said, the young talent was finally getting his NHL legs under him. Really just bad timing.

Jost concurs:

"“When it shut down I thought ‘Aw, gosh, let me catch a break’.”"

I believe in Jost’s abilities. He was playing great hockey before the pause, and I know he will again when the season resumes.

Here’s the video:

Jost has some parting words:

"“You can kind of see the light at the end of the tunnel right now I guess. So hopefully things keep going smoothly here and we can get back out on the ice.”"

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In the end, that’s what all the Colorado Avalanche fans want. We want to see the season resume because we, like the players, believe this team could win it all this season.