Colorado Avalanche: Best On-Ice Chirps

The Colorado Avalanche social media always do a good job of keeping us entertained even when we don’t have any hockey content.

The Colorado Avalanche are keeping us entertained during the hockey hiatus. During the season, they release Ask the Avs videos that they film during Media Day at the beginning of the season.

The other day, they released a video about chirping — “What’s the best chirp you’ve ever heard?”

I’m not going to lie — their answers weren’t great. The best one was probably Ian Cole. He said someone called him fat on the ice a couple years ago and it really bothered him — so much so that he’s still thinking about it.

The other good one was Matt Calvert. He was very honest. He says when he was younger he had a bad acne problem, and sometimes teams would call him “pizza face” which he thought was “unbelievable.” Captain Gabriel Landeskog asked a follow-up question, “What did you do to fix it?”

Calvert was perplexed, “Fought them? Or what did I do to fix my face?”

A fan once chirped Barberio about his name, saying it should be for a soccer player. Because Italian, I guess.

Nazem Kadri had a convoluted one. So, Player A chirped Player B, who proceeded to ask, “What?” When Player A repeated himself, Player B called him a parrot. Kadri… is a cerebral sort.

The only other notables were about hair. Apparently Landeskog likes to chirp opponents about their hair as an overall critique on their sense of style. That’s damning because, of course, you can’t say the same back to him.

And apparently JT Compher gets chirped about his hair. It’s nice hair, and he has plenty of it. But it’s red, so maybe that’s a points of contention for some players.

Here’s the video:

Now, I’m disappointed they didn’t ask Nikita Zadorov the same question. He’s got to have heard a few good ones and probably said a few himself.

Ok, so those weren’t too in-depth. Let’s take a look at some good on-ice chirps and say them to, oh, I don’t know, Minnesota Wild players?

“Hey, Dubnyk, I’ve seen coupons that save more than you!”

“Hey, Dumba, it must be hard to eat with no hands!”

“Hey, Spurgeon, I’ve seen bigger hits in Little League!”

“Funny, Hartman, I heard you were the worst player on your last team, too.”

No, really, too bad they didn’t ask Zadorov.

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The Colorado Avalanche have some other fun Ask the Avs video. We have so much personality on our team.

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