Colorado Avalanche: Comparison of a Cale Makar to Nico Hischier Goal

Colorado Avalanche rookie Cale Makar scored a much prettier goal than fellow 2017 draftee Nico Hischier. A tongue in cheek comparison of the two players.

With the Colorado Avalanche, when you start making comparisons that involve Cale Makar, the other player is usually fellow rookie defenseman Quinn Hughes. As many pundits have pointed out, those are comparisons we’ll likely make throughout both players’ careers.

However, we’re also going to see another comparison come up again and again. Fans and writers alike are sure to compare Makar to his draft class — specifically to the three players who came before him. The comparison is especially poignant because the Avalanche were coming off their 48-point season, and yet they lost the draft lottery. They dropped to the fourth-overall selection.

Whenever I’d hear about the other three players, I’d sometimes think “He should have been an Avalanche.” Well, after seeing Makar play this season, I won’t be having that lament anymore.

So, the three players who came before Makar in that draft are, in order, Nico Hischier, Nolan Patrick, and Miro Heiskenan. Patrick has been out all season with migraine issues. Heiskenan… we’ll save him for another day.

Today, let’s look at the player who “should” have been Colorado’s to choose first-overall, Nico Hischier. The center jumped into the league right after the draft, so he’s currently in his third season. The 21-year-old has had some injury woes, so he’s only played 58 games. He’s recorded 14 goals and 22 assists  for 36 points.

Cale Makar, of course, is in his first year. He’s also had a few injuries, so he’s at 57 games. He has 12 goals and 38 assists for 50 points. 😎

Ok, as I informed Pucks and Pitchforks, who inspired this post, it’s much too early in the players’ careers to make meaningful comparisons. So, let’s just have a little fun with it and compare a couple goals between the two.

First up is Nico Hischier. He scored a very pretty goal against the Washington Capitals. He started off the rush and drove to the net. He finished off with a forehand shot:

What I like about that goal is that Hischier was being defended by a bigger player. But he didn’t give up. That was a nice shot he had, too.

Ok, let’s switch over to our player now. In the November game against the (hated) Minnesota Wild, he scored two goals. His second was a real beauty. Even as a rookie defenseman, Makar had the wherewithal to pinch in to make the goal.

What do I love about that goal? Everything. I just love watching Makar skate. And that toe drag to deke the Wild player before his forehand shot is a thing of beauty.

Obviously, this is a very superficial comparison of the two players. It’s meant to be just that. My whole conversation with the Devils site started because I tweeted that I thought the Colorado Avalanche got the best player in that draft.

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I truly believe we did. But then, after the 48-point season, we deserved it. It’s not our fault the best player happened to be the fourth-overall selection.

It will be fun to watch through the years to see how Cale Makar develops in comparison to the rest of his draft class.

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