Colorado Avalanche Things to Do During Hockey Hiatus

The Colorado Avalanche may have not played hockey in a week-and-a-half, but Avs fans can still find ways to occupy our time.

The Colorado Avalanche are 11 days into their hockey hiatus. That’s how long the NHL’s season has been on pause because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I’m not going to lie. I’ll be so pleased when I don’t have to mention that disease in posts anymore.

Anyway, it probably feels like a lot longer than 11 days since the season was suspended. And it’s only going to be longer because it’s highly unlikely we’ll see Avs hockey before June, if then. Normally, June hockey is the best because it’s the Stanley Cup playoffs. If we’re watching hockey in June this year, though, who knows what that would even look like.

Well, never mind. We’re here, right now. We don’t have live games now any more than we have them in August. However, we still have some Colorado Avalanche things to do.

Watch Replay Games

Altitude TV is replaying some of the memorable games so far from this season. Here’s the list:

I’ve got Thursday’s game against Tampa Bay marked in my calendar because that’s the one in which Tyson Jost scored his hat trick.

Watch Highlights of Great Moments

The Colorado Avalanche have had some great moments in their 25-year history. Some of us old-timers get nostalgic. Avs hockey is so fun now, but the Glory Days were something special.

So, with your extra time, consider watching some highlights from back in the day. Here are a few of my favorites.

Joe Sakic

Peter Forsberg

And, of course, the great Patrick Roy

Read Blood Feud

Adrian Dater has been around Colorado hockey since the Avs were the Extreme. He’s written a couple books. Blood Feud is about the great rivalry between the Colorado Avalanche and Detroit Red Wings.

Not only was the rivalry between the two teams fierce, but you were seeing two teams filled with some of the best players in the world.

Troll Minnesota Wild Fans

Speaking of rivalries, the one with the (hated) Minnesota Wild isn’t the same as the Wings one. But it’s fresh, and it’s on-going in a hateful sort of way.

So, if you’re feeling like rekindling a rivalry, go pick on some Wild fans. I suggest you start with Gone Puck Wild, our sister site.

Shop for Avs Gear

I don’t know about my fellow Avs fans, but I always go out wearing Avs gear. Whether it’s my coat or a t-shirt or the license plate on my car, the Colorado Avalanche are well-represented by me.

Even so, I feel like I can’t get enough of Avs gear. So, though you should be self-quarantining and social distancing during the pandemic, you can still shop online for Avs gear.

Watch this Video of 15-Year-Old Nathan MacKinnon


So glad he’s a Colorado Avalanche player.

Drink Colorado Avalanche Bud Light

At the turn of the coronavirus era, er, decade, the Avalanche teamed up with Bud Light. The beer company featured cans with the team’s logo on the outside:


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Behind-the-scenes of this awesome Bud Light fridge, filled with Avs cans! #GoAvsGo

A post shared by Colorado Avalanche (@coloradoavalanche) on Jan 8, 2020 at 6:42pm PST

No idea why it wasn’t Coors, but there you have it.

Keep Stopping by Mile High Sticking

Here at Mile High Sticking we’re committed to bringing you Colorado Avalanche news and opinions all year long. No hockey hiatus for us. So, keep stopping by while we wait for the NHL pause to end.

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And, remember, if there is any more hockey played in this season, the pause only benefits us because of all the injuries. And both the Red Wings and Wild suck. Go Avs Go.

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