Colorado Avalanche: Filling In Time During COVID-19

What might the Colorado Avalanche players be up to during this extended period of confinement for COVID-19? Here are my guesses, for those not showing us.

Whilst none of us are happy that Colorado Avalanche hockey is over for the season, at the moment, I got to wondering what each of the players is doing to fill in their time during their enforced period away from the game.

We’ve seen that Gabriel Landeskog is busy enjoying his baby daughter, understandably.  Babies grow so fast, so what a great time for him to spend with her being a part of watching her grow.

Matt Calvert is having fun still playing hockey, with his boys. He shared a photo of them playing indoor hockey with everyone this past week

Mikko Rantanen, on the other hand, is busy lifting his dog to keep himself occupied, and fit. I’m not sure that the dog is 100% enjoying him doing that, but hey, it all helps him stay ready for the moment hockey returns.

The rest of the team haven’t been as forthcoming with photo’s so here are my predictions of what they’re doing:

Erik Johnson will be having a hard time not being able to visit his horses at the stables, which I’m sure are also in lockdown at the moment. I’m sure that he’s watching past races on video and chatting with the trainers about how to work with the horses once this is all over and racing returns.

Cale Makar,  it’s funny but I somehow imagine him doing something educational during this time. I imagine him as the sort of guy that loves learning, so I see him going over tapes of plays and talking with his Dad about hockey. If he can do things to improve those small things off the ice, then he can make a bigger impact once he’s back on it.

Colin Wilson is sure to be spending more of his time meditating and doing yoga. I know that he’s spoken before about the power of meditation for his ongoing mental health. When you have time to meditate and chill your mind, why not do it?

Tyson Jost might just be spending time learning to cook. Why do I say that? Well, I somehow figure that Josty doesn’t know a lot about that. I think it was in an interview with JT that he mentioned something about it. Great opportunity to YouTube some cooking shows, or look up some recipe ideas. Maybe it’s just basic scrambled eggs, but who cares.

Pierre-Edouard Bellemare is sure to be spending time video chatting his family back home. He seems much the family man and with Europe impacted even more than here in the USA, then chatting with his extended family to make sure they are all safe, makes sense.

Nikita Zadorov is most likely playing video games endlessly. I imagine Z being a gamer who doesn’t like to lose and will crash out anyone in the way. Maybe I’m wrong, but there will be lots of laughter during the gaming sessions too because his ‘menace’ streak can’t hide for long.

A tougher one to pick is Nathan MacKinnon. Nate is so intense, not sure what I imagine him doing in a locked-down state. Maybe he’s the type to workout constantly. Or perhaps he’s, trying to chill out and not doing it so successfully. Being such an emotional person, he might just be the one having chats with some of his best mates in hockey, just to feel connected to them.

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Of the Colorado Avalanche players I haven’t named, what do you imagine they are doing to kill time during this period without hockey?

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