Colorado Avalanche Mascot Celebrates Birthday by Helping Pets

Colorado Avalanche mascot Bernie took part in a PR tour of a local animal shelter. He and PetSmart mascot Chance delivered supplies.

Colorado Avalanche mascot Bernie celebrated his “birthday” by joining PetSmart mascot Chance. His birthday celebrations took place March 12.

Bernie and Chance were set to visit local animal shelters to drop off donations provided by PetSmart. As an animal lover, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate a life event.

Bernie and Chance headed over to Maxfund animal adoption center.

Maxfund is actually a three-building center in the Golden Triangle area of Denver. The original business was a low-cost veterinary clinic. Next, they opened a shelter for cat adoption. The shelter for dogs completed the complex.

I didn’t adopt my cat from Maxfund, but I do take him to the veterinary clinic. Not because it’s low-cost, but because the funds go toward the two adoption centers. Maxfund is a true no-kill animal shelter that aims to find forever homes for all domestic animals, even those who have been injured or abused.

Bernie and Chance, both being dog mascots, were immediately drawn to the puppies:

I like how the dog Chance is holding is sniffing Bernie with great interest. Bernie’s puppy, meanwhile, looks rather distrustful. Dogs read body language, and it must be difficult to read the body language of two oversized dog-humans.

Anyway, Bernie and Chance weren’t all seriousness. They took some time out to have fun.

Slightly bad doggos.

Dogs are great animals. (So are cats — you just need to know their language.) The nice thing about dogs is they let you know with their tails when they’re happy.

Well, the two dogs in this pen are obviously happy to see visitors, even if they’re oversized dog-humans:

Bernie and Chance weren’t at Maxfund just to visit the dogs. As noted, they were bringing a supply of donations from PetSmart:

Not going to lie — I hope there were some cat products in the donation.

Anyway, it’s all for a good cause. In addition to the donations themselves, Bernie and Chance drew attention to the animal adoption center. Here they are pretending to test the supplies they’re delivering:

Chance looks a little confused by whatever he’s holding. He even seems to be digging for a different toy. Bernie, meanwhile, is hamming it up.

Now, the original tweet stated that Maxfund was the “first” animal shelter the duo were visiting. However, after these photos, the team released the following tweet:

And that was the end of the animal shelter visits. Unfortunately, less than two hours later the NHL announced the pause of the 2019-20 season. I’m guessing the Colorado Avalanche cut their visits short. I’m sure they still dropped off donations to other area shelters.

Regardless of whether the PR tour was cut short or not, the Avalanche did a great job of not only making much-needed donations to these shelters but also drawing attention to the cause.