Colorado Avalanche: Tips for Staying Warm During the Stadium Series Game

The Colorado Avalanche’s 2020 Stadium Series Game is going to be a cold one. Find out how to stay warm during this fun event.

When the Colorado Avalanche played their Stadium Series game in 2016, I spent months amassing my cold-weather gear. Even my brother-in-law, who’s a skiier, got in on kitting me out.

And then the weather was in the mid-50s for the Alumni Game and upper 50s for the Stadium Series game. We had some wind for the latter, but it wasn’t very cold.

We’re not going to be so lucky this year. As I’m writing this post, there’s a new accumulation of six inches of snow outside. Here’s what Falcon Stadium looks like as they’re building the outdoor ice rink:

That’s not fake snow like we had four years ago — that’s the real deal. The forecast for Saturday, February 26, is a high of 37 degrees — and that will hit about mid-afternoon. By the time the game starts in the evening, we’re going to be looking at freezing temperatures.

So, we’re going to need some ways to stay warm during the 2020 Stadium Series Game.

Wear Fleece and Wool

There’s a reason you don’t wear jeans to ski, and it’s not because jeans look gauche on the ski slope. Jeans simply don’t keep you very warm.

You’re better off with some fleece-line leggings or wool pants. Both will do a good job of trapping the heat your body naturally produces to keep you warm.

If you’re a skiier and you have ski pants, it’s perfectly ok to wear them to the Colorado Avalanche game.

Invest in Long Underwear

In that same vein, skiiers and snow shoers wouldn’t be caught dead without some long underwear because they might literally die. Long underwear is an essential base layer.

If you live in Colorado or another cold climate place, you might already have long underwear. If you don’t, consider investing in some. Long underwear comes in silk, fleece, and synthetic fabrics. You don’t have to get the most expensive set REI offers — you can find some sets at TJ Maxx and Target.

Slip Hand Warmers into Your Gloves and Boots

First of all, you need gloves or mittens and heavy socks with boots. Even if there’s no snow on the ground by the time the Colorado Avalanche meet the LA Kings at Falcon Stadium, you need to keep your extremities warm.

Part of that warmth factor can come from hand warmers. They produce heat from an  exothermic oxidation of iron when exposed to air. You can place them right up against your skin in both your gloves and socks.

Wear a Back Heat Wrap

When I was preparing for the first Stadium Series game, I received a bit of advice — wear a back heat wrap such as ThermaCare. They’re basically the hand warmers strapped into a belt to keep them affixed to your back.

The heat wrap is technically for back pain. However, the wisdom a football fan imparted on me was that the wrap actually heats your blood in the back, so you feel toasty all over.

I might strap several to my body on the day of.

Consider Your Alcohol Options

Doctors recommend you stay away from alcohol. Apparently it impairs your body’s ability to shiver, which is one of the ways your body keeps itself warm.

However, alcohol also creates a warmth inside. Tailgaters swear by it for cold football games. So, I’ll leave this one up to your discretion. If not alcohol, you can drink tea, coffee, or whatever other hot beverages Falcon Stadium will be serving at the Colorado Avalanche game.

Bring Some Blankets

Another bit of advice is to keep yourself away from metal, which is naturally cold. Well, the stadium seats have a lot of metal. So, you should bring some blankets to sit on. Fleece is a good option here, too.

You can also bring some extra blankets to drape yourself with. If you’re going with close friends or a loved one, consider sharing blankets so you can share some body warmth, too.

Don’t Forget a Hat and Scarf

The main advice that comes up again and again is to dress in layers. An essential layer is a hat and scarf. You naturally lose a lot of heat from the top of your head, and ears are an extremity that’s especially vulnerable to the cold. You need a warm hat.

You don’t want to go to all the above effort just to let the cold seep into your neck area. I can personally attest that, if you keep your neck warm, the rest of you stays warm.

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So, my plan for the Colorado Avalanche’s Stadium Series Game is to wear a base layer of long underwear, a fleece layer on both top and bottom, and sweatpants for the top. I’ll wear my warmest coat over by Erik Johnson 2016 Stadium Series jersey, a wool scarf and hat. Plus as many warmers that I can tuck into my clothing.

I’ll probably indulge in a few spirits and some hot beverages. Remember, the bathrooms will be warm.

How about you, Avs Nation? How do you intend to stay warm at the Stadium Series Game?

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