Colorado Avalanche Super Rookie Cale Makar Stars in Christmas Video

Colorado Avalanche rookie Cale Makar participated in the making of the NHL’s official Christmas video. And he turned out to be the star.

Colorado Avalanche superstar rookie, Cale Makar, has lamentably not returned to the lineup after a nasty hit from nasty Brad Marchand. However, for those of us who need our Cale fix — and who among us in Avs Nation does not — we have a new Christmas video to enjoy.

The players in the video actually recorded it during the Media Day in September. So, props to them for even trying to get into the Christmas spirit a couple weeks after Labor Day.

Anyway, as you can see in the video below, the clip inexplicably starts with a Grinch character in the first player frame. No idea why.*

Now, as you can see once the clip gets to actual players that they not only had to sing a song — Jingle Bells — they had to do so without any music. I’m not sure of the reasoning behind that, but it could explain why so many of the players are flat.

We have to wait through the whole first two choruses before we even get a sneak peak at our prized rookie. However, we do get a smarmy Cam Atkinson looking to sell you a Cuisinart — or steal Josh Groban’s job.

Now, like I said, this video is supposed to be from Media Day. So, I’m not sure why some players are in their Media Day suits while others, such as Braydenn Schenn of the Blues and the Bruins duo (David Pastrnak and Jake Debrusk) are clearly in casual gear. Maybe it’s a hodge-podge of Media Day and other PR events.

Our Cale is wearing a suit, though, and judging by his persona just in singing “Oh,” Josh Groban has a lot more to fear from him than Atkinson. (A little appearance by former Av Matt Duchene. Eh? Eh?)

Now, going through some more of the video, a nice highlight is Washington Capitals star T.J. Oshie wearing a Santa hat. Like, where does he even come up with that? Does he just go around with a Santa hat in his pocket in case he needs to sing Jingle Bells?

(Matt Duchene again with the “hey.” He’s got personality, folks.)

Why is Jack Hughes wearing a beanie with his suit? Also, did Artemi Panarin‘s criticizing the political situation in Russia mean he can’t get hair cuts or hair products anymore?

Ok, let’s forget all the side notes and get to the meat of the video. Now, a few of the players really did try to inject some personality into the video while others… well, they’re best described as “deer in the headlights” when it comes to singing on camera.

Let’s now look at our prize rookie, who is wearing a suit and NO beanie. We get just that little “Oh” early on, but maybe that’s because the NHL PR team didn’t want Cale to steal the limelight from the other players.

Because our Cale Makar is the undisputed content king of the video, as evidenced by his grand finale in the video:

What? Our Cale Makar can not only skate like a power ballerina (It’s a thing… I just made up) and puck handle and score and even lay big hits? Our Cale can look good in a suit and sing? Not only sing, put on a little show?

If you scroll through the comments in the tweet, you’ll see a Colorado Avalanche fan ask, “Is there anything Cale Makar cannot do?”

The answer is no, there is not.

*Sources tell me it’s Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane. My mistake.