Colorado Avalanche Players in Insightful Match Game

DENVER, COLORADO - MAY 02: J.T. Compher of the Colorado Avalanche arrives for his game against the San Jose Sharks during Game Four of the Western Conference Second Round during the 2019 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs at the Pepsi Center on May 2, 2019 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
DENVER, COLORADO - MAY 02: J.T. Compher of the Colorado Avalanche arrives for his game against the San Jose Sharks during Game Four of the Western Conference Second Round during the 2019 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs at the Pepsi Center on May 2, 2019 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images) /

Four Colorado Avalanche players participated in a Match Game aimed at showing which duo knows each other better. The results are surprising.

The Colorado Avalanche did some different skits throughout the season. Often the main purposes of the videos is for entertainment during TV timeouts or intermission at the games. However, we get to enjoy them at home, too.

One of the skits they recorded this year was the Match Game. The skit was based on a game show that started in the 1960s in which contestants tried to match answers given by celebrity panelists.

The Avalanche version of the game was meant to test two players’ knowledge of each other. (I think they got the Match Game and the Newlywed Game mixed up.)

Now, naturally, players get to know each other really well. But that’s especially true when they’re roommates, such as J.T. Compher and Alexander Kerfoot. You’d think that would give the other two players, Ryan Graves and Mark Barberio, a distinct disadvantage. After all, a kid bouncing up and down from the minors and an oft-scratched grinder might be forgiven for not knowing each other well.

Here’s Question 1, which might be a little difficult for players if they’re not into astrology — and I don’t think a lot are:

JT, trying to cheat a little, “Those are all star signs. Especially that last one.”

Apparently Ryan is into astrology, though.

Question #2 seems like a straightforward question, one you’d reasonably know about a friend — “What is your favorite pizza topping?”

These answers aren’t too difficult. But you see how easily it would be for Compher and Kerfoot to run away with this game since they’ve ordered pizza together — or not.

With Question #3, the information continues to be pretty straightforward. One player has to state the names of the other player’s siblings:

As Kerfoot points out, Compher should know the answer since he’s met the siblings in question. (His worry about the spelling of Soleil is… founded.) Also, Graves met Sara Barberio, so that could be why he knew the name…

That said, JT was questioning the correct spelling of Sara-with-no-h. Or, maybe he was still stung from spelling Soleil “Sleigh.”

With Question #4, we’re starting to get into more personal information, “Who is your favorite artist or band?” Now, roomies should definitely know this information. I know this about some of my co-workers even, and they definitely know it about me. So, Graves knowing this about Barbs could be possible:

Oops. Kerfoot and Compher overthought it in opposite ways. Bam, they got it wrong.

Gravy got it right for Barbs, though. Hmm, weird. Also, I’ve never heard of the Arctic Monkeys, but, hey, if they have similar taste in music…

(Alexander Kerfoot seems a little skeptical — and wound up!)

Question #5 just seems made for the roomies: “What’s the best dish he cooks?” Obviously, they share a kitchen and have probably shared meals together. How can non-roomies know this?

Let’s find out:

Obviously, that really was easy for the roomies.

Hmm, Graves knowing that Barberio is good at cooking steak and potatoes? Ordering it in a restaurant and cooking it at home are two different things! I love French food in restaurants, but I’d never claim to be a wiz at cooking it.

With Question #6, we start getting into the good stuff, “Who is your celebrity crush?” This was the first answer that Graves mis-guessed about Barberio:

Alex Morgan the soccer player is a good answer, though Ariana Grande is, too. But, let’s face it, Kerfoot’s answer of Gabriel Landeskog is almost cheating. (Although, it turns out Gabe is more JT’s crush. I remember once Kerfoot actually answering that his crush was Mila Kundis.)

Question #7 seems pretty straight forward, “What is your coffee order.” You often see players arriving to the arena clutching coffee cups. Players who know each other well should have been around for said order.

Here are the answers:

Black coffee, not too surprising from Barberio. For Kerfoot, the Harvard grad, maybe it’s also not surprising that he’s a tea drinker. And that JT would know that. “The fifteen boxes of tea at the house also tipped me off.”

Now, Question #8 can be a little tough — “What is your favorite movie of all time?” I mean, I don’t necessarily know that answer about much of anyone except my sister and myself. But let’s see how the newlyweds and the oldyweds do:

Whoa, what? Graves even got the right episode? I mean, I could see getting Star Wars since fans tend to be obvious in their love. But if you’ve never even seen the series yourself? JT not being sure of Compher’s seems more typical.

Question #9 got a little personal — “How old was he when he had his first kiss?”

This was the second one Graves got wrong about Barberio. And let me tell you, I bet when Mark was 11 and getting his first kiss, he had some scruffy beard. Italians are like that. (Actually, Lauren asked that exact question, and Barberio quipped that he had a mustache!)

Let’s take a moment to celebrate Compher trying to coach Kerfoot on the first time HE had his first kiss. (Side note: Alexander is Greek, so he could well have had some beard or mustache action going.)

The final question was #10, and it was a doozy. “What is your biggest pet peeve.” Again , you’d certainly expect roomies to know this answer:

Now, I have to agree with Barberio on this one. The left lane is for passing not cruising. That said, Graves knew the answer? On the other hand, JT and Alexander threw Nikita Zadorov to the wolves.

To be honest, JT Compher’s low-key personality and Ryan Graves’ people-pleasing really make this show.

Now, Barbs and Graves knowing some of that information about each other is understandable. But eight out of 10?!

So, by now, it seems a little crazy that the “newlyweds” would know more about each other than the two second-year roomies.

Well, here are Compher and Graves when they’re answering the questions. It all seems to be on the up-and-up:

Except it wasn’t. The Avs social media manager, Emily, gave Graves the answers ahead of time! Kerfoot was was not overly surprised and even admitted to a bit of cheating, too. Our ginger JT, though… there was a little temper lost:

Well, boo, now I miss Alexander Keroot all over again, especially since the Toronto media insist on calling him Alex!

Next. Avs in the Mouthguard Challenge. dark

But then, that’s why the Colorado Avalanche produce these funny skits. For some people, when you get to know the players a little better as people, you become even more loyal to the team.