Colorado Avalanche Post to Post: Best Regular Season Week 20 Social Media

KRAKOW, POLAND - 2018/09/07: Facebook, twitter and google logos are seen trough a magnifying glass on an android mobile phone. (Photo by Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
KRAKOW, POLAND - 2018/09/07: Facebook, twitter and google logos are seen trough a magnifying glass on an android mobile phone. (Photo by Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

The Colorado Avalanche came home from Winnipeg with an important win. We look at the best social media posts over the past week.

Something I have mentioned before is the fact that I love how well the Colorado Avalanche social media team interacts with the fans, and it goes beyond just liking tweets or replying to questions/comments. Quite often if they receive a request for specific content they will do what they can to oblige.

For example, during the game in Boston, someone in our group chat mentioned a funny little moment that had happened during the TV broadcast. I happened to be listening to the radio broadcast that day so I missed it. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Sure enough a few minutes later the video was posted. Little things like this really do make me appreciate what an engaged social media team we have.

There was much rejoicing when the news broke that Tyson Jost was being recalled from his time with the Colorado Eagles.

Needless to say the media team is aware of how popular Jost is and immediately provided content of him being reunited with his #BestMates J.T. Compher and Alexander Kerfoot.

Much in the same way that I like to talk about the suits the guys wear for pregames and road trips, facial hair updates are also very important. Luckily the media team has us covered.

After practice Mikko Rantanen found that access to his stall was blocked while reporters interviewed Gabriel Landeskog. Like any good teammate he decided to help out while he waited. It’s nice to see that the guys are still able to have some fun even while they are going through a rough patch.

Patrik Nemeth also took the opportunity to get some hugs. I’m quite sure hugs are good for morale.

Nemeth also decided to have a play with the media team’s camera and managed not to take a single photo. If they were looking for an assistant they need to look elsewhere, and if Nemeth was angling for a career change I think it’s safe to say the media team’s jobs are safe.

Of course the return of Tyson Jost brings a special relief to the social media team (all in good humor of course).

While the team was in Winnipeg, as some sort of rite of passage (or possibly just for some good broadcast content), Mark Rycroft ventured outside to the coldest intersection in the city dressed only in shorts and a t-shirt. Honestly, just looking at it made me feel cold.

Editor’s note: It all relates back to the, ah, heck that Kyle Keefe got for calling Winnipeg’s weather a “death sentence,” lamenting that he “might die.” Well, good old Keefer’s comments caught the city’s attention — and they tweeted that he probably won’t be asked to be the city PR guru.

And, of course, no Valentine’s Day is complete without some cheesy Valentine’s graphics. I love this one in particular because it’s one of my favorite photos of one of my favorite players in my favorite color. Perfect combo.

Mark Rycroft made an appearance on the latest episode of the Avalanche podcast. It was really interesting listening to his insights into where the team is at and how things might go moving forward. While the broadcasting team tend to put a slightly more positive spin on things, Rycroft was more openly honest which I really liked.

Actually this was probably one of the more fun podcasts they’ve done. The whole media team was in the room while it was recorded and there was a lot of laughter and jokes as well as serious hockey talk.

In further facial hair news Gabe, for whatever reason, decided to shave his off the day the team won against the Winnipeg Jets. This left us all with a dilemma. Gabe looks weird with no facial hair, but no facial hair (possibly) leads to wins. The fans weren’t the only ones conflicted by this.

Meanwhile Patrik Nemeth used his day off to conform to Swedish stereotypes, much to my amusement.

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The Colorado Avalanche now have two games at home before heading back on the road. We’ll be back next week with more social media highlights.