Colorado Avalanche: Game Day Valentines vs Winnipeg

DENVER, CO - NOVEMBER 14: Erik Johnson #6 and Mark Barberio #44 of the Colorado Avalanche point to the crowd after a win against the Boston Bruins at the Pepsi Center on November 14, 2018 in Denver, Colorado. The Avalanche defeated the Bruins 6-3. (Photo by Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images)
DENVER, CO - NOVEMBER 14: Erik Johnson #6 and Mark Barberio #44 of the Colorado Avalanche point to the crowd after a win against the Boston Bruins at the Pepsi Center on November 14, 2018 in Denver, Colorado. The Avalanche defeated the Bruins 6-3. (Photo by Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images) /

As the Colorado Avalanche face a tough Central Division foe, let’s take a moment to remember why this team means so much to us on this Valentines’ Day.

The Colorado Avalanche are facing the Winnipeg Jets tonight. The Avalanche are coming off an eight-game losing streak, including a 5-2 loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs at home. The Jets are the Central Division leaders.

The Avalanche need to shore up their special teams — the penalty kill allowed three goals from the Leafs while the power play scored none. The Avs need both secondary and primary scoring. Colorado’s goalies need to act like they’re fighting for a job. Defensemen can’t be the only ones shooting — they need to work on some defense, too.

Here are the details for the game:

Game time: February 14, 6:00 pm MT
TV Networks: ALT,  TSN3 (Jets’ Feed)
Radio: Altitude Radio (FM 92.5)

Ok, now that we have the serious business out of the way, let’s remember a little bit about why we still root for this team. Or, in this case, I’m going to focus on the players. Because as depression as the skaters in the Avalanche logo are, the players themselves are not disappointing.

Here are some game day Valentines for my favorite team.

Nathan MacKinnon: Your hands move like a Japanese chef chopping bok choy on the ice. Your electric play reminds me why I’m a hockey fan.

Mikko Rantanen: You fall down a lot, and you always look slightly surprised to be on the ice. You are a reminder of the child-like joy of hockey.

Gabriel Landeskog: You are the perfect captain. You are charismatic off the ice and a fierce Viking on the ice. You are the perfect ambassador for the sport.

Tyson Barrie: You vex me sometimes, but heaven knows the game is never boring when you’re on the ice. You have the most perfect skin of any human being.

Erik Johnson: You have long been my muse on this site because of your even-keel demeanor. Like your captain, you’re a true leader on and off the ice. You’re a perfect representative of my team.

Tyson Jost: You’re one of the most affable humans in existence. You’re driven and dedicated, but also an inveterate jokester. A player like you is locker room glue.

Carl Soderberg: You are an ox. You are big and dependable and I don’t have to worry when you’re on the ice.

Matt Nieto: You remind me that Latinos are represented in the hockey community, too. On a personal note, you have one of the best shy smiles I’ve ever seen.

Matt Calvert: You’re new to the team, but I appreciated your gentle leadership from Day 1. Plus, after that Tyler Bertuzzi incident, you probably hate the Detroit Red Wings as much as any Avs fan.

Alexander Kerfoot: You’re a Harvard graduate. That’s damn impressive. You’re speedy and crafty, and you’re clearly seeing the game like it’s some trig equation — which is child’s play for you.

J.T. Compher: You have a dead stare on the ice that turns to pure puckishness when you’re amused. You may get a little too feisty, but few score clutch goals like you do.

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Sven Andrighetto: You will ever be the player who inspired Marc Moser to lose his mind and scream about guts all over the place. I’m also sure Ryan Hartman will always remember you.

Sam Girard: I once called you a lottery ticket, and I’m sorry for that. You’re Le Tornade, and I feel like you’re the hockey son I deserve.

Patrik Nemeth: You fought Tyler Seguin, and that was highly entertaining. Thank you for making the Colorado Avalanche’s PR team’s job easier.

Ryan Graves: You are the spitting image of Cillian Murphy, and you are a solid blueliner. *From contributor Adrienne: Ryan Graves, the actual definition of “cinnamon bun.”

Colin Wilson: You always look like there’s a rainbow only you can see. Thank you for being our HIFE ambassador. And for being such a versatile player.

Semyon Varlamov: You have done so much to plug up the holes in the team defense. You have served the Colorado Avalanche well.

Philip Grubauer: You bring a calm presence to the Colorado Avalanche net. Du bist ein Star.

Hils got creative with this idea:

“Roses are red Violets are nice I give my heart To the players named Tys.

Roses are red The ice is chilly Happy Valentines Day With love to you, Willy.”

Roses are red Hammers are handy Our captain is Swede We all love you, Landy.”

She also still loves this social media video:

Crystal got into the act, too:

“Other teams goal lights are red, And our guys seem a little blue, That’s okay our Avalanche, We still love you.”

Ouch, but, hey, it’s true, right?

After getting warmed up, she went the limerick route:

“Our EJ is a d-man of many talents.
He’ll lay before slap shots which is really quite gallant.
He can go on the offensive too.
And that, #6, is why we love you! #TeamJohnson”

“During the games Nikita Zadorov loves to hug. He has to be careful not to squash his new found friends like a bug. When he goes to the boards with a resounding crash. All of us fans love to yell “Z Smash!”

“It’s been a joy to watch Mikko grow up. One day we know he will raise the cup. His first couple years he was like a baby giraffe. And with all his pranks he always makes us laugh.”

Naturally, Callie wanted to share her appreciation for a couple players:

“Roses are red violets are blue I am so Comphy when I’m with you.

Roses are red violets are blue I am Barrie happy to see you.”

Next. Hockey is for the Latin Community. dark

Well, Avs Nation, if you have anything Valentine-like to say to the players, leave it in the comments below. Otherwise, let’s enjoy a little Colorado Avalanche hockey on this Valentines’ Day.