Colorado Avalanche Players and Families Enjoyed Dad’s Trip

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - NOVEMBER 07: Gabriel Landeskog #92 of the Colorado Avalanche poses with his father Tony at the Ericsson Globe on November 7, 2017 in Stockholm Sweden. (Photo by Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images)
STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - NOVEMBER 07: Gabriel Landeskog #92 of the Colorado Avalanche poses with his father Tony at the Ericsson Globe on November 7, 2017 in Stockholm Sweden. (Photo by Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images) /

During the annual Dad’s Trip, Colorado Avalanche fathers and mentors got to share in their sons’ glory — and even write a song.

The Colorado Avalanche players recently a long-standing tradition in the NHL, the Dad’s Trip. And the team’s excellent social media team did a great job of inviting us into the trip.

It all started with the Division Rival night when the Avalanche hosted the Dallas Stars. Avalanche fathers were in attendance:

It’s interesting to see how the fathers paired up just as their sons pair up in friendship. Also, this is an apparently rare picture of Greg Kerfoot, whom, according to Avs insider Adrian Dater, is very wealthy and very reclusive.

Well, I guess these gentlemen want to answer my question of the Who’s Your Daddy Line:

In this case, the answer is Hannu Rantanen, Graham Mackinnon, and Tony Landeskog.

Avs dads seem to like their spirits:

Props to Daddy MacK for drinking local with a Blue Moon.

Here’s Long Beach Native Matthew Nieto with his father, longshoreman Jesse Nieto (second picture).

Mark Barberio needs to grow his hair out again because it looks like said hair may not be around forever:

Also, you’ve got to love when dad’s say things to embarrass you.
Dad cellies might not be quite as exuberant as what you see on the ice, but, boy, can you beat Gerry Barberio’s smile?

I think those pearly whites might be in direct competition with Mark’s jet-black mustache.

Gerry didn’t get to see his son play in the first home game, but Mark was in for the Nashville Predators and Pittsburgh Penguins games.

Well, you might not be able to beat Gerry Barberio’s smile, but Len Barrie sure did his best to win in the congeniality department:

Props to the elder Barrie who’s showing his former NHL lineage by continuing to drink while in the dressing room. He played 184 games in the National Hockey League, suiting up for the Philadelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Los Angeles Kings, and Florida Panthers from 1990-2001.

Yes, Tyson has more games than that already. That said, hopefully he’s healing quickly because he missed the Preds and Pens games.

The elder Barrie really seems to be quite a character:

Here we can see the resemblance between Philipp Grubauer and his Vater:

His birthday was that day. He got the start against the Penguins.

Well, Mark Barberio’s hair might be doomed, but it appears J.T. Compher is only in danger of losing that ginger red color:

We can also see where JT gets his understated humor from.

One thing that’s been commonly noted among Colorado Avalanche fans is that Colin Wilson seems to have a… dreamy look on his face. It’s been described as the seeming wonder of watching fireworks — even when he’s just walking down the road.

We can see now it’s another dad trait:

They both seem to be listening to their own magical jam. I want that contentment.

Side note: Matt Calvert’s mother underwent a surgery, so his father was unable to attend. Sven Andrighetto’s father also did not make the trip. Both of them were joined by brothers. Tyson Jost grew up without a father. His uncle attended.

Once in Nashville, the fathers and mentors watched as their Avs practiced:

It looks like Mr. Landeskog and Mr. Nemeth have a lot to discuss. Maybe Patrik’s father would like to know where Gabe’s father got the sucker.

The fathers and mentors also made their ways onto the ice:


Defenseman Ian Cole seems to have a… competitive relationship with his father.

Mr. Barberio’s smile again — straight fire.

Here’s Sheldon Dries with his father — and Cole as the photographer:

Another rare shot of Greg Kerfoot as well as Papa Johnson:

The big event for the Dads (and Mentors) Trip was their time in Nashville. Among other places, they visited the Country Music Hall of Fame:

That special surprise turned out to be the writing of a country song:

The song is called drinking beer, and I believe it’s central theme is the consumption of, well, beer. Indeed, that’s the only time the players seemed comfortable singing — during the chorus:

Nate Dawg, who’s notoriously a rap fan, is conspicuously absent. I’m sure he’s just out of the camera shot. Maybe he was throwing out some of his sick house dance moves.

Back in the country sphere of things, the Colorado Avalanche players got some help in crafting their future number-one single:

Billy Montana is a renowned country singer-songwriter. Erik and Gabriel look intrigued to be up front singing with him.

It looks like the Dads and Mentors trip was a resounding success.

This is the first time I remember the Avalanche sharing this trip with fans, though presumably it’s been going on as long as it has for other teams — forever.

Next. Nieto one of the Few NHL Latinos. dark

Indeed, recently the LA Kings were even tweeting about their Mom’s Trip. Altitude rinkside reporter Lauren Gardner called it Mentor’s Trip several times.

I’d go with just that. The trip is supposed to be a celebration of the people who helped the players get where they are. Those mentors could be anyone.

Also, the Avalanche won all their games with the mentors looking on. If they have a losing skid, somebody get a plane ticket for Gerry Barberio or Len Barrie, stat.