Colorado Avalanche: Evaluating the Return for Matt Duchene

DENVER, CO - OCTOBER 11: Matt Duchene
DENVER, CO - OCTOBER 11: Matt Duchene /
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DETROIT, MI – OCTOBER 17: Andrew Hammond /

Andrew Hammond

Position: Goalie
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 215 pounds
Age: 29
NHL Stats: 55 games, 27-14-6

There is no corresponding piece in the ROR trade. Andrew Hammond is a perennial backup goalie, the kind who kicks it in the NHL until an injury necessitates a call up.

Acquiring Hammond shows very little upside except to fortify the team’s goalie depth. It seems the Colorado Avalanche don’t have a lot of faith in Spencer Martin or Joe Cannata in case either Jonathan Bernier or, especially, Semyon Varlamov goes down with an injury.

1st-Round Draft Pick in 2018

The Colorado Avalanche received the Ottawa Senators’ first-round pick in the 2018 NHL Draft. It’s a conditional pick, though. If Ottawa has a top 10 pick, Colorado will have to wait until 2019. They’ll get the first rounder then regardless of how high it falls.

At the time of writing, Ottawa is sixth in the Eastern Conference and second in the Atlantic Division. I don’t think we need to worry about that pick being a top 10 — we’re looking at somewhere in the 20s, especially since they just augmented their immediate roster significantly.

2nd-Round Draft Pick in 2018

Colorado will also have a second-round pick from the Nashville Predators. They were in the Stanley Cup Finals last year. However, at the time of writing, they were ninth in the Western Conference and fifth in the Central Division. They’re just one win out of the playoffs, though.

3rd-Round Draft Pick in 2019

This pick also belongs to the Senators. It’s a third-rounder, and that’s always a gamble.