Colorado Avalanche: Jonathan Bernier Reveals New Goalie Mask

PHILADELPHIA, PA - APRIL 07: Jonathan Bernier
PHILADELPHIA, PA - APRIL 07: Jonathan Bernier /

New Colorado Avalanche goalie Jonathan Bernier has revealed his new mask — and his number intentions.

Colorado Avalanche goalie Jonathan Bernier has unveiled his mask for his new team. He’ll wear the mask for the 2017-18 season.

Goalie masks are always fun — goalies get to show off their quirky personalities with the artwork. No other player on the team gets to personalize his equipment. Of course, no other player has to stand in front of speeding pucks ~30 times a game…

In any case, Bernier collaborated with Swedish artist David Gunnarsson of DaveArt. The two have been collaborating on goalie masks for over a decade.

Here’s video of the mask:

Here’s a still of the mask with all its components:

The top portion of the mask is a grayscale lion head. Some people wondered why Bernier didn’t opt for the Avalanche yeti. However, the lion is a trademark of the goalie’s — he’s a Leo and even has a lion incorporated into his tattoo sleeve:

Bernier has incorporated a lion for the top of his goalie mask since his days with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The mask also features a stylized avalanche rushing down the sides to the number 45 in the chin guard.

Number 45, though… Fellow fan blog Mile High Hockey noticed something a little odd:

Oh, snap, yes, it does appear that Bernier stole defenseman Mark Barberio’s number. He wore number 45 with the Maple Leafs and the LA Kings, though he apparently deferred to Sami Vatanen of the Anaheim Ducks during his stint there. Bernier wore number 1, but of course that’s Semyon Varlamov’s number in Colorado.

I’m guessing Bernier had a conversation with Barberio before he had the number 45 incorporated into his mask design. So, it looks like the defenseman is on the hunt for a new number.

In any case, I like the mask. It has a lot of blue in it, which gives you that frozen feel of an avalanche — and of hockey ice.

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The Colorado Avalanche are prepared to use Jonathan Bernier as the backup goalie to Varlamov next season. We’re likely to get a good gander at that new mask already in preseason, though, as the team tries out their new goalie.