Colorado Avalanche: Analyzing the Trade Deadline Moves

Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports /

The Colorado Avalanche were rather quiet on deadline day, but they were able to move Jarome Iginla to a Cup contender. They also made a real smart move with Andreas Martinsen.

Jarome Iginla is going to get a chance at the Cup if the L.A. Kings make the playoffs, and the Colorado Avalanche were able to pull off a smart move by trading Andreas Martinsen. However, the Avs did disappoint with their inability to acquire more draft picks, and trade more depth.

So, now it’s time for deadline day analysis. What could the Avs have done better? How about the moves they did make, were they as good as they could get?

The market for Jarome Iginla was likely pretty slim, especially because the Avs had to retain 50 percent of his salary, which is the max a team is allowed to retain.

More on the trade details below:

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And, they couldn’t even find him a true Cup contender. However, at least they were able to get him to a team that is likely to make the playoffs, or at least has a chance. The Kings are only one point out of the final wildcard spot currently.

Regardless of the disappointing stipulations with the Iginla trade, Sakic was able to make a good deal in the Andreas Martinsen trade. He got a player three years younger in Sven Andrighetto, with a higher upside and who fits in Jared Bednar’s systems better than Marty.

Unfortunately, the Avs still left a ton of options on the table that are generally part of a team’s strategy when rebuilding.

Let’s get down to analysis, starting with the Iginla trade.

Jarome Iginla Essentially Given to the Kings for Half Off

You know when you go shopping at your favorite store and you can’t afford what you really want? But then you notice there’s still a rather cool item, and it’s 50 percent off it’s normal price?

That’s basically what the Avs provided the L.A. Kings. They retained 50 percent of Iginla’s contract, and essentially gave the Kings a free asset, that still has upside in the right system.

Darryl Sutter is also likely to provide the right system for Iginla to succeed, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he chips in some serious points down the stretch.

Granted, if the Kings miraculously win the Cup, the Avs will get a fourth round draft pick for Iggy, which is likely the most they could have gotten for him in a fair trade.

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And, it is also likely that Sakic was working with one of his last options. Jarome Iginla did have a full no-movement clause, and probably had a very small list of teams he was willing to join.

It’s not an awful deal for the Avs, but you would certainly think they could have done better, particularly because they retained half of his salary.

Luckily, this wasn’t the only deal Sakic made on the day, so he won’t be judged solely for his seeming ineptitude in this one.

Andreas Martinsen for Sven Andrighetto was a Good Trade for Avs

The second NHL-level move the Avs made on the day was a trade involving the Montreal Canadiens. The Habs were looking for size, and the Avs were looking to get younger and faster, so it worked out for both sides.

Sven Andrighetto is a good young forward with a lot of potential to develop into an even better one. He wasn’t getting the opportunity he needed with the Canadiens, but he is likely to get a good showing with the Avs down the stretch.

He is a restricted free agent at the end of the season, but Marty was an unrestricted free agent, so no love lost there.

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The Avs will decide at the conclusion of the season whether or not Andrighetto is worth re-signing. And, seeing as he is a restricted free agent, the Avs are certainly going to at least give him a qualifying offer.

They’d be foolish not to essentially because he has some serious skills, and is still developing. This is a goal from the AHL, but it showcases his skating ability and scoring prowess:

Andrighetto has been extremely successful in the AHL, now it’s time to see if he can translate that success to the NHL level.

Moreover, Joe Sakic has preached getting younger and faster as the key direction he wants to take this team, and Andrighetto is a good step in that direction.

However, he also left options on the table by not finding a way to deal more of his depth assets.

Part of Rebuilding Involves Jettisoning Age for Draft Picks

The Avs left a lot of their veterans on the roster, and hindered the youth movement that needs to start happening in Colorado.

They did announce today that J.T. Compher has been called up from San Antonio, but there should have been other AHL players with him.

Fortunately, they did give themselves some cap wiggle room, so they might be able to make some more waiver moves throughout the remainder of the season.

Nonetheless, Blake Comeau, Rene Bourque, Francois Beauchemin, John Mitchell and Fedor Tyutin are still on the roster. Each one of them could have been a part of a trade that would have brought the Avs some draft picks.

That’s how rebuilds are done. Fortunately the Avs still have this summer to play with some of their depth. Although, Bourque, Mitchell and Tyutin are all UFAs this summer, so that ship has sailed.

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At least the Avs were able to get J.T. Compher on the roster, now hopefully they let him stay with the team for the remainder of the season.


Joe Sakic seemingly left a lot on the table on deadline day, and that is unacceptable. Still, none of us know what went on during those phone calls, or behind the scenes.

The Avs are a dismal team this season, and everyone is watching the same games we are. Our roster might not be worth dipping into.

Rene Bourque was signed on a pro-tryout contract last summer. John Mitchell went unclaimed on waivers earlier this year. Francois Beauchemin scored two goals for the opposing team on Tuesday night.

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Fedor Tyutin was bought-out by the Columbus Jackets last summer. And, Blake Comeau is having the worst year of his career since 2013-14 with the Blue Jackets when he had 16 points in 61 games.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that the Colorado Avalanche acquired the rest of the NHL’s leftovers this summer and tried to call it a gourmet meal.

So perhaps Joe Sakic could have done better on deadline day, but once again, none of us were in the operating room.

The summer is still to come. For now, grip tight for the remainder of the season because the forecast reads choppy weather ahead.