Colorado Avalanche Should Consider Trading Tyson Barrie

Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports /

The Colorado Avalanche need a top six forward just as much as they need defensemen, and they should consider trading Tyson Barrie to acquire said forward.

Colorado Avalanche defenseman Tyson Barrie is a liability on the blue line. Yet, he has a lot of value on the trade market, and the Avs should consider trading him.

If the Avs want to draft a defenseman with their first round draft choice this year, then trading Barrie becomes even more of an enticing option.

Timothy Liljegren is a very good right-handed defenseman that will likely be drafted in the top five of this year’s draft, and he could easily fill Barrie’s role in a couple years. He is billed as an offensively gifted blueliner, but he is also extremely responsible in his own end.

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Of course, it all depends on where the Avalanche end up drafting this year because if they get the No. 1 overall pick, then Nolan Patrick is absolutely a lock.

However, if they end up drafting beyond the second pick — Nico Hischier should go No. 2 overall — then Liljegren should be their priority.

The Avs are strongest on the right side of the blueline, so a trade would eventually need to take place in order to make room for Liljegren. Perhaps that trade should take place sooner rather than later.

Tyson Barrie should have many suitors, and it’s time to consider a couple options.

Jordan Eberle

The Colorado Avalanche need a right winger badly, that much is clear. Fortunately, Eberle fits the bill extremely well. He’s fast, he can shoot, he’s defensively responsible, and he needs a change of scenery.

Furthermore, the Edmonton Oilers are searching for a top four puck-moving defenseman. On a team with a stronger defense, Barrie could be a real good player.

Let’s be honest, Barrie is a very good offensive player, but his defensive skills seem to have gotten worse this season.

Most thought that Jared Bednar and Nolan Pratt would get the best out of Barrie, but their systems might be exposing Barrie’s weaknesses more than helping to cover them up.

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However, the Oilers have a pretty strong defense, and they have the support necessary to help Barrie play a simple game that does not require too much from him.

And, it’s no secret that they are extremely plush at the forward position, and can afford to deal a guy like Eberle.

Eberle would be a good fit with the Avalanche too. Joe Sakic is looking to get faster, and Eberle definitely brings the speed. Furthermore, he is very skilled in his own end, and would be a good addition in the top six defensively. Since the departure of Ryan O’Reilly, the Avs have not had a true two-way forward.

Nonetheless, one of Sakic’s visions of the future is also to get younger. Eberle is by no means old, but he is 26 years old. Which is why the Avs should take a look at the next winger on the list.

J.T. Miller

Acquiring J.T. Miller from the New York Rangers would be no easy task, but the Rangers are definitely in need of a puck-moving defenseman.

Furthermore, if the Avs involved Barrie in a deal with the Rangers, then he could be reunited with Nick Holden.

On a side note, Holden is having a career year in New York, as he is on pace to have 40 points this season. His previous career high was with the Avalanche when he had 25 points…

The Rangers could still use a defenseman of Barrie’s caliber because they have missed Keith Yandle since his departure.

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If the Rangers want to take that next step and bring home a Stanley Cup this year, then they will need a defenseman like Barrie.

They are also rather plush at the forward position, and could most certainly make a guy like Miller available. I believe it would take more than Barrie for the Avs to acquire Miller, but who knows?

Miller is also a defensively responsible forward, and would be a great addition to the Colorado Avalanche on the left side.

Furthermore, he fits Sakic’s vision of speed and youth. He’s getting better every year, and he has the potential to become a 60-70 point producer in this league.


Both the Oilers and Rangers are in need of a skilled puck-moving defenseman, and Tyson Barrie fits the bill. Furthermore, both clubs have a lot of depth at the forward position, and can afford to trade one of their players to get the defenseman they need.

It’s unlikely that the Avs are able to pry Miller away from the Rangers with just Barrie, but you never know. Eberle is the more viable option, but he is not getting any younger.

As much as I don’t want to see Tyson Barrie go because I believe he will be an extremely valuable piece on the blueline if the Avs are able to strengthen the players around him, he is a defensive liability.

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Furthermore, Timothy Liljegren is going to be a much better player than Barrie, and he has the ability to produce at the same pace offensively.

If the Avs end up drafting beyond the second pick, then a trade involving Barrie must be considered. That probably makes it unlikely that Barrie will be traded before the deadline though.

It’s more likely that the Colorado Avalanche consider trading Barrie during the offseason, but all options need to be considered before the deadline.

Hopefully the Avs are able to make some deals to improve their team, and Barrie might be one of the players that helps them do that.