Colorado Avalanche Rumors: Analyzing the Ottawa Senators as Trade Partners

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Thomas Chabot

Chabot led all defensemen in points during the World Junior Championship with ten, and he was only outscored by three other players in the tournament — all forwards.

He would be another great prospect from the Senators for the Avs to consider. He has an extremely high offensive ceiling, but is also defensively responsible and could develop into a really good all around player.

That was showcased during the World Junior Championships by his dominance on many plays. Here are some highlights of Chabot during the tournament:

He would obviously be an invaluable asset on the power play, but that goal at the 1:40 mark shows his true ability. He can pivot and outmaneuver anybody it seems like, and he definitely can shoot. The same can be said for his movement on the goal at the 2:00 minute mark.

Both White and Chabot are great prospects who are only 19 years old, and one of them would be a necessary addition in any trade involving Matt Duchene. However, the most important piece of that deal needs to be a defenseman the Senators may be unwilling to give up.