Colorado Avalanche Rumors: Analyzing the Ottawa Senators as Trade Partners

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Colin White

Mr. White is a good player, and he possesses the ability to play right wing, which has been a black hole on the Avs roster for a long time.

Colin White just helped lead USA to a championship at the World Juniors in December as well. He scored seven goals in seven games and had eight points. Basically, he was dominant.

Here’s a recap of the gold medal game between Canada and USA, in which Colin White scored the game-tying goal which allowed the USA to win in the shootout:

What I like about that play is that Colin White drives the net extremely hard, and then is able to hold onto the puck behind the net, and essentially develop the entire play that he scores on.

Colin White is a possession beast, and he can score goals in many different ways, but is not afraid to use his body around the net. He would be an invaluable addition to the Avs, and one of the prospects they should demand in any trade that involves Matt Duchene.

The other prospect they should look at from the Senators is Thomas Chabot. Chabot is also featured in the video above as the first goal scorer for Canada.