Colorado Avalanche Should Consider Trading for Hampus Lindholm

Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports /

The Colorado Avalanche are struggling mightily this season, and part (most) of the reason for that struggle has to do with dismal defensive zone coverage.

The Colorado Avalanche need a defenseman, and particularly a left-shooting defenseman, with some serious talent.

Those kind of defenseman don’t just grow on trees because they take a while to develop, and teams generally only acquire them in drafts.

Well, the Colorado Avalanche don’t really draft defensemen early in the first round, so they should consider trading to acquire such a defenseman.

And that’s where Anaheim Ducks’ defenseman Hampus Lindholm comes into play. Now, it would be difficult to pry Lindholm from the Ducks, but if the Avs can pull it off, they absolutely should.

Finding a Trade Partner with the Ducks

There were some rumors being bandied about during the summer. Perhaps those rumors had some depth to them, and maybe Joe Sakic should be calling Bob Murray right now.

Actually, it’s more likely that Joe Sakic is waiting for the calls, and seeing what teams are offering for our young forwards. However, if there is a deal that can be done with Anaheim, that deal needs to happen.

Hampus Lindholm is an extremely talented young defenseman, and he’s the type of player the Avs need on the blue.

Lindholm is second on the Ducks in Corsi-for percentage, second in average time on ice, and most of his shifts start in the defensive zone. Oh, and he leads the team in even-strength ice time. In other words, Lindholm is a No. 1 defenseman for the Ducks.

Furthermore, Lindholm is only 23 years old. The Ducks also have a roster chalk-full of young defensemen. In fact, they have eight defensemen 25 years or younger who have played at least one game this season.

Which means the expansion draft is going to be a scary time of year for them unless they consider dealing a defenseman.

Gabe Landeskog for Hampus Lindholm

Gabriel Landeskog is not having the best year. Besides the two-goal performance he had against the Calgary Flames on Tuesday night, he has been a dud since returning from injury.

Still, he’s historically an extremely productive left winger, and has a mean streak as well, something that seems to fit the Ducks’ modus operandi.

This trade was also the original rumor between the Ducks and Avs, so it has some traction there.

The Ducks are also still in dire need of a top six left winger. Nick Ritchie hasn’t really panned out like he was supposed to, and Andrew Cogliano is more of depth forward.

And, as I mentioned, Landy’s playing style would suit the Ducks well. He could probably hop right onto a line with Ryan Kesler.

However, trading away the captain is tough, especially mid season. And there’s a player on the Avs roster that teams may be more interested in, especially if the price is a No. 1 defenseman.

Matt Duchene for Hampus Lindholm

Matt Duchene is on pace for 32 goals this season, and 30-goal scorers are another breed of hockey player that don’t just grow on trees.

The problem is, he plays the off-wing when he plays wing. Which means he plays on the right wing even though he’s a left-shooting player.

The Ducks don’t need another 30 goal scoring right winger, they already have one in Corey Perry. And Jakob Silfverberg is another really productive right winger who is starting to come into his own.

Still, Dutchy can probably learn to play the left wing as well. He’s also speedy, and the league is getting faster, so the Ducks may be more interested in a player of Duchene’s caliber.

Duchene is currently the best player on the Avalanche, and in order to land Lindholm that may be the price it takes.


The point is, the Avalanche need defensive help, and they need to be willing to sacrifice some forward talent for that help.

They also have some serious forward talent on the rise in their prospect ranks. And, they are nearly guaranteed — at this point — a top ten draft pick in this summer’s NHL draft. So, they could replenish the forward cupboard in the draft as well.

Furthermore, if not for anything else, they need to make a trade just to shake up the team chemistry. This team has no confidence right now, and they aren’t playing well with one another.

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Change needs to be made, and that change should belong in the hands of a talented young defenseman.