Colorado Avalanche Need to Make a Trade

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The Colorado Avalanche are the worst team in the NHL along with the Arizona Coyotes. It’s time for some changes to be made.

The Colorado Avalanche are careening toward some massive changes being made, and it might just be better if that happens sooner rather than later.

It’s just too hard watching this team struggle night after night.

While Jared Bednar’s comments after the game against the Columbus Blue Jackets on Thursday night weren’t as heated as his comments after Tuesday’s game, he certainly still called out the core.

"Tonight, I thought our supporting cast did a real good job up front. I didn’t love some of our top guys tonight. Not that they didn’t work hard, but I didn’t love their game as a whole."

What else could be done about the problems? The team won’t show up for a full 60 minutes, it’s simple as that. This problem is by no means a new problem, anyway. Last year, the Avs couldn’t play for a full 60 minutes either.

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The only difference between last year and this year, is the Avs are bit more sporadic with what 20 minutes they choose not to show up for. Last year, the twenty-minute collapse was almost strictly confined to the third period.

So, you have to wonder if there is in fact a problem with the core group of players in Burgundy and Blue. Keep in mind, the core has been in question since Patrick Roy laid into them at the end of last season.

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It’s time to make changes.

Avs Need to Make a Trade Before It’s Too Late

I am not going to speculate who the trade needs to involve, or who might be a viable trade partner for the Avs. I am only going to refute what Joe Sakic said before the game on Thursday night.

You see — according to the Denver Post — Joe Sakic believes that “the start is not a core thing; it’s a team thing.” He sited urgency, consistency, and a lack of home ice success as some of the main issues plaguing this team.

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Well, sorry Mr. Sakic, but you’re wrong. Sure, those are the issues plaguing the team. But, those issues need to be solved by the core. There is quite obviously some kind of leadership issue within the makeup of this team, and there is most certainly a need for change.

Locker rooms need the shakeup when they become stagnant. The Avs have already overhauled their coaching staff; thus, what is the next logical step if you can’t get the job done?

I’m not saying that this team needs to be blown up, but I honestly wouldn’t mind if it was. It’s just so frustrating to watch them play every game. Urgency, consistency, and home ice success are qualities of a team established by the leadership of that team.

In other words, the leaders of the team are responsible for the culture of that team. Not aging veterans like Francois Beauchemin:

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It’s nice to see Beauch stepping up, and as Mark Kinz pointed out, he does have an “A” for a reason. However, the team should also being seeing that kind of anger from the core players.


I’m just angry, and I want this team to win. It’s really as simple as that. And, winning just does not seem possible unless some significant change is made.

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I know that Jarome Iginla and Brad Stuart come off the books next season. And, that their fall from the books will give the Avs nearly nine million in cap space. And, that the Avs can fill a massive hole in their top six with that kind of money.

But I also know that Tyson Barrie, Matt Duchene, and Erik Johnson will all be a year older. I know that Duchene has only the made the playoffs twice in his career with the Avalanche. And I know that Johnson has only made the playoffs once with the Avalanche. And I know that Barrie is one of the most turnover-prone defensemen in the entire NHL.

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All I am saying is why not build a team around the core of Chris Bigras, Nikita Zadorov, Nathan MacKinnon, Mikko Rantanen, Calvin Pickard, and Tyson Jost. Make no mistake, Jost will be with this team next season. He is on fire at UND, with 15 points in 15 games, and with only five freshman ahead of him in the entire NCAA in scoring.

The future is bright, I’m just not so sure about the present.

Hopefully some changes will be made soon.