Colorado Avalanche: Remembering Marek Svatos

Former Colorado Avalanche winger, Marek Svatos, passed away in Denver on November, 5, 2016. He was just 34 years old.

The Colorado Avalanche lost one of their former players over the weekend. Right wing Marek Svatos passed away on Saturday. Svatos was just 34 years old. At the time of writing, there was no news of how Svatos had died.

My first reaction to the news was, “34 years old is WAY too young to die.”

Eurolanche is reporting that drugs may have been involved in his death. My reaction remains the same — 34 is WAY too young to die.

Marek Svatos, who was from Košice, Slovakia, was drafted by the Colorado Avalanche in 2001, going 227th overall. He started out in the AHL, but he played four games with the Colorado Avalanche during the 2003-04 season. He scored two goals during that time.

Unfortunately, injuries plagues Svatos, and he was never able to complete a full season. Despite that, he had a career season during 2005-06. He played 62 games for the Colorado Avalanche and scored 26 goals and 18 assists. That season was cut short because of a shoulder fracture.

After that bad injury, successive Avalanche seasons were cut short by groin issues, chest injuries and a torn ACL. Yet during those times, he recorded three 30+ point seasons. Imagine if he’d been able to stay healthy. Unfortunately, he was Tyson Barrie sized (5-foot-10, 185 pounds), so that may have contributed to his reoccurring injuries.

Svatos left the NHL for the KHL in 2010 but returned to play with the St. Louis Blues. He got put on waivers, though, and was snapped up by the Nashville Predators.  He also played for the Ottawa Senators. He returned to the KHL to finish out his hockey career in 2013. The 2013-14 season was his last.

Here’s a montage of what Marek Svatos was for the Colorado Avalanche:

Marek Svatos made his home in Denver, Colorado, with his American-born wife Diane. (Interestingly they got married in Croatia.) They had two children together.

Imagine if Marek Svatos had been able to stay healthy. Despite significant injuries, he was a golden scorer.

In any case, rest in peace, Marek. Our thoughts are with your family.