Colorado Avalanche: Likely Upcoming Prospect Signings

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The Colorado Avalanche could offer entry-level contracts to several prospects from the last two drafts to build up their minor league team again.

Colorado Avalanche executives Joe Sakic and Patrick Roy are having to build two ways since taking over the reins of the team before the 2013-14 season. Not only are they trying to build a Stanley Cup-contending NHL team, they’re having to build for the future at the AHL level.

Unfortunately, the GM/executive vice president of hockey operations (Sakic) and head coach/VP of hockey operations (Roy) inherited a team on a shaky foundation. Too long the Avalanche had been drafting without vision, operating under the “best player available” model. Unfortunately, as the Edmonton Oilers can attest, you can’t build a team out of the same type of player over and over.

Roy and Sakic were still being advised by scout Rick Pracey for the 2013 and 2014 NHL drafts. The two-year window for signing players has passed for the 2013 draft, so presumably the Avs have signed who they want. However, they have until June 1st, to sign any players from the 2014 draft. What’s more, they selected seven players in the 2015 draft.

Not everyone who gets drafted gets offered a contract. That said, Colorado did just sign their fifth-round draft pick from 2014, Anton Lindholm. Let’s see four other players who might get a contract this summer.

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