Colorado Avalanche: The Super Bowl Crossover (Shuffle)

Jan 18, 2016; Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN; Colorado Avalanche head coach Patrick Roy reacts during the second period against the Winnipeg Jets at MTS Centre. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports
Jan 18, 2016; Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN; Colorado Avalanche head coach Patrick Roy reacts during the second period against the Winnipeg Jets at MTS Centre. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports /

Last night the Colorado Avalanche lost an important game against the Winnipeg Jets. Today, the Denver Broncos will play an even more important game against the Carolina Panthers.

How do hockey and football relate you may ask? Well they don’t really at all, other than the fact that both are sports, both have championships, and the two teams in question are both Colorado teams.

The Denver Broncos are playing in their second Super Bowl in 3 years, but they haven’t won since 1998. The Colorado Avalanche haven’t been in the Stanley Cup Final since 2001, the same year they won their most recent Cup.

From 1996 to 2001, Denver fans had the extreme pleasure of seeing a championship brought to their city four times. Twice by the Avalanche, and twice by the Denver Broncos, including a three-year straight run of Championships between 1996 and 1998.

The Colorado Avalanche were the first professional sports team to bring a Championship to Denver in 1996 too, which livened Colorado with a sense of fanaticism that still exists today.

There are some that would claim Colorado as Broncos country (I would assert most, but I’m supposed to be objective), but Colorado was one time split — in actuality claimed — by two teams. Will it be once more?

Well, that’s up to the Colorado Avalanche, for the time being here’s a look at what Colorado Avalanche players are thinking about the Super Bowl today:

Chris Wagner gives my favorite response with his “salty” — as MHS Editor Nadia Archuleta would say — response concerning the Patriots loss two weeks ago.

Although, you have to love Nick Holden’s sideways cap, and Calvin Pickard’s “change” of heart later in the video.

But, the real story is Peyton Manning and how it might be his last year. Many of the Avalanche players are hoping that he goes out with a win in his final season.

The Colorado Avalanche will meet as a team tomorrow evening and watch the Super Bowl together. I’m just going to say what everyone else is thinking: I wish I could be at that party.

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Anyway, here’s to a good game for the Broncos tomorrow, who sport the No. 1 defense in the league while the Avs sport one of the worst defenses in the league.

Sure, Peyton Manning’s arm might look like a pool noodle, but the Avalanche offense can certainly bring the excitement that the Broncos do not.

Funny huh? Two years ago the Broncos had the No. 1 ranked offense on their way to a Super Bowl appearance against the No. 1 ranked Seahawks’ defense. Now, they sport the No. 1 ranked defense against arguably the top-rated offense in Carolina.

Things change though, just as the two best teams in their respective sports can float to bottom-feeding, and a difficulty selling the building out. It only takes a few years, years marked by the brand of defeat.

Peyton Manning and Patrick Roy

Both the Broncos and the Avalanche missed the playoffs consistently after their time of reign. The Avalanche have missed the playoffs six times in the last nine years.

The Broncos missed the playoffs five years in a row from the 2005-06 season to the 2008-2009 season.

But then, polarizing features took the helm and control of the fate. The QB is a necessity to success at the NFL level, just as a coach in hockey is necessary for a team’s success.

Some may argue on this point, but Patrick Roy has made the Colorado Avalanche relevant again, just as Peyton Manning has done the same for the Denver Broncos.

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Both Peyton Manning and Patrick Roy have been under constant scrutiny after taking the helm in fiery fashions in their first year respectively.

Patrick Roy led the Avalanche to a 52-22-8 record, a division championship, and their first playoff appearance in three years when he took over.

Peyton Manning led a high powered Denver offense to a 13-3 record, a division championship, and a playoff appearance which ended in heart-breaking fashion against the Baltimore Ravens in the divisional round.

Since then, Peyton Manning has been criticized for his performance in the first Super Bowl they made it to, and certainly his play over the last two seasons.

Since Roy led the Avalanche to the playoffs in their first year, he has been criticized for his coaching abilities last season, and some have even called for him to be fired this season.

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A leader’s job is not a trivial task, and Manning will take the field today ready to give one final gladiator’s attempt at ending his career in the greatest splendor that he could possibly achieve.

Patrick Roy’s ultimate goal as the coach of the Avalanche is to bring Lord Stanley back to the Rocky Mountains, and he takes his spot behind the bench every game in search of that goal.

A team constitutes what is necessary for victory, but a leader gives that team identity, escorting them in the desired direction.

Patrick Roy and Peyton Manning are both leaders.


With the Denver Broncos back in the Super Bowl, and an Alumni Game between the Avalanche and Red Wings on fast approach, history is striking back in cyclical fashion as a reminder that Colorado is a premier state for pro-sports, unless you’re a Nuggets fan.

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Sorry Nuggets fans, but I will relish the day that an NBA final is won in Colorado as much as I would relish the day I see pigs fly. In other words, there’s no reason to hold breath.

But it’s time for predictions right? No. I refuse to offer any out of pure superstition alone. So, you’re welcome to throw yours in the comment section loyal fans of both the Orange Crush, and the Burgundy and Blue.