Colorado Avalanche: Who’s Tradable Amongst the Group?

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Colorado Avalanche
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Calvin Pickard would go to either Edmonton, Calgary, or Buffalo. He comes cheap, and no one can nab him from you next season because he’s an RFA. Plus, he probably provides a better opportunity to win than the current goaltending these teams have.

Who would we get in return though?

From Edmonton

Well, although the Oilers are cited as needing a top-pairing defensemen, their goalie situation is certainly not good either. Nonetheless, there’s not much they can offer in defense (most of their top-quality defense are decimated with injury) unless they move Justin Shultz, which is not out of the question.

The article states that Justin Schultz could likely be on his way out, and that he needs a change of scenery. But, I honestly don’t think that Colorado is a good fit for him seeing as his contract is a whopping 3.9 million a year and expiring at the end of this year.

That money could be spent elsewhere.

From Calgary

Now, this was more likely, but now I’m not quite so sure because of Dennis Wideman’s antics with a referee. He’s been suspended indefinitely pending a hearing, and no matter what people say, that hit did not look unintentional.

Since he’s likely to face retribution, the Flames will be down a defensemen, and they don’t really have the forward assets to consider trading one away.

The only one that I see as a possibility is Jiri Hudler, but that’s only because they’ll want to shelf his burden on someone else’s wall above the stove.

From Buffalo

That leaves Buffalo, and I don’t see that happening either just because we are so shortly removed from a blockbuster trade with them over the summer. However, that could only mean that they are even more likely to attempt orchestrating something with us.

Here’s what I have going down if it does:

Calvin Pickard would probably get Matt Moulson if we threw in a prospect as well, and they tossed in a late round pick.

Unfortunately, Matt Moulson is getting paid an exorbitant 4.75 million over the next four years, including a 6 million cap hit this season. He also hasn’t been worth the pay this year, with only 13 points in 49 games…

After looking at the rest of the roster, the only logical trade I can conclude with is something involving Sam Reinhart, but I think it would take too much to pry him from the Sabres.

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Nonetheless, if the Avs really want to try to work things out with a relatively green cat, then Reinhart is the most likely trade-bait in anything involving Pickard’s departure to Buffalo.

So, those situations are out — to my estimation — because so many of these trades are dependent upon cap space in my opinion.

Although, Calvin Pickard is certainly the most enticing and expendable player on the Colorado Avalanche roster. There are more enticing players, but it would take a lot to give them up.

Two of those enticing players are up for new contracts this summer, and one is certainly off limits.

The Colorado Avalanche need to sign Tyson Barrie and Nathan MacKinnon during the offseason, which will be expensive, but do they really need to sign Tyson Barrie this offseason?

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